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mostly tropical American shrubs or small trees with small yellowish flowers and yellow or red fruits

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The problems lie in negotiating the snakes and manipulators in the office including Matt, bitch-from-hell Mel (Christina Cole) and Mr Colubrine himself, played by Anthony Head, who rules the office via a web link from his tax haven.
Their sinister boss, Mr Colubrine (Anthony Head) communicates with staff at their weekly tribal gatherings via a video link beamed from his far-distant tax haven.
This colubrine species is characterized by a coloration and pattern similar to that of the venomous coral snakes (genus Micrurus) and by extremely long and fragile tails (Henderson 1982, Savage and Slowinski 1996).
At least two species of Bufo, a phrynosomatid lizard, Xantusia, and a colubrine snake were recovered from sediments deposited in a basin that held a small lake.
The many aglyph colubrine snakes (family Colubrineae) lacking poisonous fangs catch their prey between their jaws and then swallow it.
Based upon the work by Holman (1979), the above characteristics identify this fossil specimen as a colubrine.
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Meanwhile, Matt (Kris Marshall) is feeling the pressure from above, as Mr Colubrine (Anthony Head) declares that he can't feel the Fear, an essential tool in selling houses the Colubrine way.