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given to merry frolicking

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Kylie and I crouched down and belly-crawled, our knobby, coltish knees scratching against the carpet as we tried to maneuver around each other as well as our two siblings, Graham and Roxanne, who were already jailed beneath the single bed's wrought iron bars.
Alexandra Socha is cute and coltish as Alison the college girl, who keeps bursting into exuberant song to celebrate her newfound lesbian identity.
Adeyemi's strong-running power and appetite to eat up the yards and close opponents down is reminiscent of a coltish Fabrice Muamba when he joined Blues on loan from Arsenal.
"He's a tricky customer, quite immature, and he was coltish in the paddock so he's got some growing up to do," Queally told Racing UK of the relative of Group One winner Passage Of Time.
And there doesn't seem to be anything left of the happy, cosmopolitan Germany of 2006, nor of the exciting summer of 2010, when a young German team thrilled the world with its coltish and offensive approach to football at the World Cup in South Africa," it added
Only a few awkward closeups mar the exceptional performances of Giselle (coltish Nadia Nerina), Albrecht (Nikolai Fadeyechev, on loan from the Bolshoi), and the Hilarion of the great Danish character dancer Niels Bjorn Larsen.
Even then, he looked 40 and acted like a coltish boy.
The 20-year left-back announced his arrival 20 minutes from time with a series of armsraised 'I'm free' gestures - and it was his coltish enthusiasm that apparently tickled the sarcastic side of the locals' funny bone.
And he maintains he has also retained the coltish enthusiasm and ambition that marked him as an outstanding prospect when he broke into the Red and Black side during the latter years at The Reddings.
A beautiful coltish 16-year-old girl leaning around in a black strapless evening gown, trying out different personas (Dorothy Parker, Nancy Drew, Ava Gardner), who struck me as a reincarnation of Anne Frank.
PHIL MAYNARD'S reputation for pulling oval ball rabbits from hats was one of the few things enhanced at Nottingham last Sunday when a coltish young blindside came off the bench to make his first appearance of the season.
They will under no circumstances respond to an email from their boss or a colleague confessing undying passion for their coltish legs or eyes like pools of melting chocolate, in case it turns out not to be true.
Popp is sensationally endearing in the role, investing Jimmy with coltish emotion and comically sweet adolescent passion.
Taking her as a whole, with her occasional coltish gaucherie, her charming and extradinereh inabiliteh to do anether exsent, and her assured way with eyeliner she's got to be one of the more palatable film stars currently doing the rounds.
"There is a coltish enthusiasm in this novel that showcases Rankin's already highly developed sense of timing.