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Synonyms for colourful

Synonyms for colourful

striking in variety and interest

having striking color


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Chroma ([C.sup.*.sub.ab]) is the quantitative attribute of colourfulness that enables the characterisation of differences in the grey colour between samples exhibiting the same lightness for each hue.
This "colourfulness of the colonies" in the early days or the shared sense of exclusion from mainstream, Anglo Canadian culture in later generations may tally with the White Paper's notion that Aboriginals are, in essence, no different from other ethnically-identified Canadians, but the response from some Aboriginals themselves tells a different story.
9 -- Shri Jyotirmoy Barua, an Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh in an article titled 'Durga Puja and our religious sentiment' as appeared in the daily Star on 5 October 2014 stated: "Hindu religious festivals are famous worldwide for their colourfulness, and even with our diminishing numbers we celebrate those festivals like nothing happened to us.
We're struggling to remember the episode of Sesame Street where Bert and Ernie chowed down on Rover, but the hyperactivity and colourfulness of those shows is certainly present.
The two things, to me, are similar because repetitions are the results of a mechanical translation process, in which translators have a list of correspondents in mind and they simply convert certain Chinese words into certain English counterparts without considering whether the target texts are awkward or whether repetitions negatively affect the "colourfulness of words" that is seen in the source texts.
Rio 2 is a competent but unadventurous film which lacks the cheeky colourfulness of Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2.
Low-level stimulus dimensions such as image size and colourfulness are well-known to automatically attract attention (Egeth & Yantis, 1997), as demonstrated for instance by the pop-out effect of a colour object in a cluttered visual scene (e.g., Baldassi & Burr, 2004), the capture of attention by a colour singleton (Turatto & Galfano, 2001), or by an object of larger size (Proulx & Egeth, 2008) during visual search.
Similar approval of the 'colourfulness' of Indonesian diversity was found among students of a pesantren in Yogyakarta in Raihani's research.
Provence was also visually stimulating, Fry extolling 'the secret of the Provencal landscape: its colourfulness lay not in bright hues but in the purity and beauty of its greys.' (6)
" I believe I can bring creativity and colourfulness to American Idol .
The highly nuanced colourfulness of the gardens and landscapes creates a special atmosphere.
A later and in my opinion (37) more convincing date of the kesi to the Yuan dynasty period is also suggested by Bernadette Broskamp's very informative catalogue text because of some linguistic inconsistencies in the Tibetan inscription caused by the non-Tibetan textile atelier later on and, less strikingly I would say, due to the "sumptuous colourfulness" of the kesi.