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Synonyms for coloured

having color or a certain color

favoring one person or side over another

(used of color) artificially produced

having skin rich in melanin pigments

References in classic literature ?
When we remember that lime, either as a phosphate or carbonate, enters into the composition of the hard parts, such as bones and shells, of all living animals, it is an interesting physiological fact [6] to find substances harder than the enamel of teeth, and coloured surfaces as well polished as those of a fresh shell, reformed through inorganic means from dead organic matter -- mocking, also, in shape, some of the lower vegetable productions.
Some of our neighbours were coloured people, and some were the poorest and most ignorant and degraded white people.
In the midst of my struggles and longing for an education, a young coloured boy who had learned to read in the state of Ohio came to Malden.
About this time the question of having some kind of a school opened for the coloured children in the village began to be discussed by members of the race.
We know that the Greek temples were highly coloured, and we have numerous suggestions of how they appeared, but most of us find it difficult to accept that they really did look like the hypothetical restorations of Semper and his followers.