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"Chris would not colorize any image that is an artistic black and white photo, like a modern photo," said Tom, who now handles marketing for the brothers' company, ManCave Pictures.
We presented a novel system based on state-of-the-art technology to construct 3D point clouds of building interiors and colorize them with both optical and thermal imagery.
Colorize expiration dates, manufacturing lot numbers, warning symbols and other mission critical information all on one label using the 1600-C Roll and Fanfold Color Printer.
Do scientists "colorize" them or give them fake colors?
If the system calculates your current trend path will clear the terrain by at least 1000 feet, it won't colorize distant terrain, even though you're below its known elevation at the moment the calculation is made.
POPULAR FASHION eyewear brand Ray-Ban is promoting its new Colorize collection at the Isle of Wight Festival next week (June 12-14).
Amy, a picture of health with her new-found curves, had turned up for the Ray-Ban Colorize launch party at Selfridges, Central London at around 7pm.
As envisioned, the technology will allow customers running the musical spectrum to colorize their Makrolon PC-made CDs and DVDs.
The system software works with 3D color data formats, including VRML, and an STL paint program is available that allows users to import and colorize an ordinary STL file.
With a little imagination - and a bit of skill in Photoshop - you can colorize black-and-white photos, combine pieces of various images into a seamless whole and turn still pictures into animation.
Our high-quality Gas Blacks, Furnace Blacks and Specialty Carbon Blacks tint, colorize and enhance the performance of plastics, paints and coatings, inks and toners, adhesives and sealants, tires, and manufactured rubber goods such as automotive belts and hoses.
Coatings by PPG Industries' aerospace business colorize the 85th anniversary livery of LOT Polish Airlines (Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT) on this Embraer E175 aircraft painted by LOT Aircraft Maintenance Services (LOTAMS).
Again, if desired, colorize the bleached-out portions later with markers.
With this tool, users can rotate, tilt, colorize, or wireframe the plot to aid in data visualization.
Colorize, change contrast, smooth, sharpen, enhance edges, stretch, convolute, generate contours, and merge images -- it's all possible.