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2] is determined colorimetrically at 505 nm by the enzymatic reaction which involves the conversion of 3,5, dichloro-2-hydroxybenzensulphonate to a colored product (Koracevic et al.
The concentrations of immunoglobulin A (IgA) and IgG in plasma and SIgA in jejunal extracts were measured colorimetrically, through the antigen-antibody reaction, instrument measured absorbance in the 450 nm wavelength with enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kits (Cusabio Biotech Co.
The TPF produced was estimated colorimetrically at 546 nm and expressed as g TPF g/24 h (Thalmann, 1968).
Proteins were determined colorimetrically (Bradford 1976) in the crude gonad homogenate after digestion with 0.
High density lipoprotein cholesterol was determined colorimetrically with a kit provided by Diasys Holzheim Germany.
Subsequently, 1 mL biotinylated antihuman IgG in a dilution series was applied, and finally the membrane was developed colorimetrically with Neutravidin-conjugated gold nanoparticles and sequential washing procedures (see online Supplemental Data).
Concentration of hexavalent chromium was measured colorimetrically.
Protein contents were determined colorimetrically by the biuret method (Layne, 1957) using bovine serum albumin as the standard.
The absorbance of the solution was measured colorimetrically at [lambda] = 460 nm using a Beckman DU[R]-68 (USA) UV-VIS spectrophotometer.
The MQuant[TM] enables detection cost-effectively and colorimetrically for easily readable results.
In this new approach, the NBT reduction was measured colorimetrically in a dissolved solution, resulting in an easier, cheaper and more sensitive assay.
Plasma glucose, triacylglycerol and total cholesterol were determined by colorimetric methods after enzymatic reaction with peroxidase (Cromatest [R] diagnostics, Joaquim Costal, Montgat, Barcelona, Spain) while, High density lipoprotein (HDL)-Cholesterol and HDL-triglyceride were also determined colorimetrically after HDL was isolated as described by Gidez et al.
In this method the hydrolysis of the substrate analog acetylthiocholine (ATChI) was determined colorimetrically by the absorbance of 2-nitro-5-thiobenzoate at 405 nm, after the reaction of DTNB with the liberated thiocholine.
Phosphorus was determined colorimetrically [Fiske and Subbarow, 1925] and calcium was analysed by atomic absorption spectrophotometry using lanthanum to suppress phosphate interference.