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of or relating to colorimetry

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The instrument can also be used to capture other photometric and colorimetric data such as illuminance, colorimetric locus and color rendering index, displaying the analysis results on the color touchscreen.
Colorimetric studies: The receptor was further investigated by naked eye colorimetric studies for anions in DMSO.
To validate the present assay method, the colorimetric responses in real water samples were tested.
Nowadays, modern analytical techniques such as atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) and inductively coupled plasma spectrometry (ICP) have challenged classic colorimetric analysis.
In this colorimetric model based on the Muller matrix, the transmission spectrum of each component is imported and the light scattering from liquid crystals is ignored.
The haematology analytes were assayed on the ADVIA[R] 2120i System with Autoslide using wet chemistry, flow cytometry, and peroxidase staining methodologies, with the exception of the haemoglobin assay that uses a standard cyanmethemoglobin colorimetric method [34].
EOD units in-theater were very experienced with COTS colorimetric kits.
Among his topics are optics for color stimulus, the perceptual phenomenology of light and color, color and light-matter interaction, light sources and illuminants for colorimetry, Commission Internationale de l'[ETH]clairage (CIE) standard psychophysical observers and systems, instruments and colorimetric computation, color-order systems and atlases, and software developed by Gabriele Simone.
(13) In contrast to the many studies on white samples, only a few researchers have investigated the spectral and colorimetric attributes of black samples.
Hardy Diagnostics' new PYR Test Kit is a colorimetric method for the presumptive identification of group A streptococci, group D enterococci, some species of coagulase-negative staphylococci, and other genera of Enterobacteriaceae in an easy-to-use card format.
This, combined with an integral slide-out UV transilluminator, and optional blue epi-illumination module and white light table, make the system suitable for documentation and analysis of almost all fluorescent and colorimetric gels.
The 6-page color brochure shows the influence of particle size, structure, and aftertreatment on colorimetric and performance properties such as degree of blackness, hue, jetness, viscosity, pigment black loading, dispersibility, electrical conductivity and gloss.
The app accurately measures colour-based, or colorimetric, tests for use in home, clinical or remote settings, and medical data from patients can be sent directly to health professionals.