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Synonyms for colorfast

permanently resistive to fading

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having color that is resistant to fading or running

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that is by turns changeable and colorfast. Early modern fascination with
The collars come in four sizes (small, medium, large, and extra large, fitting dogs with necks measuring from 11 to 30 inches) and 26 different patterns, all featuring bright, colorfast designs.
"Pastels are the most colorfast and permanent of all mediums because they are pure pigment.
It doesn't crack flake or peel, is colorfast, dries within one minute and is bonded in ten minutes.
The robust and colorfast characteristics of the UV inks used in the Domino press are suitable for these types of applications.
Ringquist recommends starting with the ubiquitous DMC 6-strand cotton floss, which comes in hundreds of colorfast colors and doesn't tangle as easily as some threads.
Workwear has to protect the wearer as well as being comfortable to wearer hard-wearing dimensionally stable colorfast easycare and fashionable appearance (1).
There's been a revolution in grout technology over the past several years, and all of the big-name grout producers have modern grout that's easier to apply, denser, more stain resistant and more colorfast than standard grout.
Vapor Tech's process results in stable, repeatable and customizable colorfast coatings that will not fade or shift, and the low-temperature LTAVD process allows the new black to adhere to a variety of materials, including electroplated plastics, without damaging the part."
During her life she appeared in ads for Max Factor Colorfast Lipstick, Lustre-Creme Shampoo, Lux Toilet Soap, Cashmere Bouquet soap, National accounting machines and Old Gold cigarettes.
According to the National Sporting Goods Association, some 45,000,000 Americans cycle an average of 50 days per year, and many of those individuals have turned to VOmax over the last three decades because of its proprietary dye sublimation process that embeds hues directly into the fibers of its pieces to achieve vibrant, colorfast designs--and now that same technique is being used to produce dazzling sports team tops, shorts, and arm warmers.
LTL's staple product is the ColorFast line, available in a wide range of polymers for high-performance applications.
Its Rust Stain Remover, which comes in a familiar brown plastic bottle, removes rust from any washable colorfast fabric or carpet as well as from toilet bowls and white sinks.
The manufacturing of Eco-spun prevents some of the 51 billion bottles a year from ending up in landfills and the fabric is colorfast, shrink resistant and strong.
That's tremendous fun, but it may not result in the kind of product that I can offer for sale because I don't know how colorfast the end result will be.