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the timbre of a musical sound

choice and use of colors (as by an artist)

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Nevamar's collection also features striking woodgrain patterns of uncommon woodgrain structures and unusual colorations for a dramatic statement, especially when paired with certain neutrals.
FISH CHAT Neither Rosenthal nor Marshall argues that disguise is the only role for fish coloration.
An additional individual with similar whitish coloration had been seen together with the killed individual.
However, unlike trout produced for direct human consumption by commercial aquaculture which are slaughtered at peak coloration, trout produced for stocking into water bodies by recreational hatcheries may be harvested months after stocking [9].
This coloration is rather distinct from the lighter pink to purplish pink hues that are typically shown by Nigerian tourmaline.
Several photos of so-called albino Porcupines available on the internet appear to be isabelline in coloration, rather than true albinos.
You will be assessed either by examination or by exemption (if you hold a UK degree or equivalent qualification with a strong coloration content).
Nevertheless, except for a few comments, usually concerning the appropriateness of using coloration as a taxonomic character (e.
Nuptial coloration has further significance in courtship in that temporal variations in coloration may act as an "honest signal" that indicates a male's physical condition and reproductive status or success (Kodric-Brown, 1998; Sargent et al.
As expected, hybrids have intermediate characteristics, most notably coloration and scale pattern on the operculum.
Laboratory tests of samples from the river indicated that the source of the coloration of the water was not due to dumping from a slaughterhouse but dye wastes dumped by a factory in either Hazmieh or Baabda, an official at the Environment Ministry, Saad Elias, told The Daily Star Thursday.
The mutation-based genetics of coat coloration is similar in mice, cats, and other vertebrates.
During the recent Consumer Goods Forum held here, the L'Oreal Innovation Zone featured the EZface virtual hair coloration in-store kiosk, which provides a photorealistic preview of hair color applied to a consumer's photograph.
A color gradation in the area provides a coloration that varies in intensity over the area from a higher intensity of color to a lower intensity of color when the area is dry.
of the possible physiological and ecological benefits of this coloration has attracted considerable scientific attention.