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system using colors to designate classifications

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According to the SONA preparations chair, these color-coded pre-SONA security lock-out stickers would only be released on the lock-out dates at 7 a.m.
"All color-coded Pre-SONA security lock-out stickers shall be released only on lock-out dates at 7 am, or upon entry of the concerned non-House personnel at the North Gate of the House Complex," the advisory said.
Under the new law, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is mandated to issue bigger, readable and color-coded license plates to motorcycles in the country.
Implementing a well-delineated color-coded system is one of the most effective and straightforward ways of preventing cross contamination and maintaining good hygiene, and it can be particularly effective in breaking down language barriers in multilingual food processing facilities.
I would then visualize my color-coded class notes while studying and recall the necessary information during an exam.
* Color-coded solid non-slip grip of test clips and probes.
Featuring easy-to-read color-coded labels and forms, Medline's EMPOWER system features easy-to-read, color-coded outer packing labels and matching color-coded insert forms that easily identify each pack and reduce the chance of selecting the wrong pack.
A color-coded timeline runs along the bottom of every page, highlighting significant events that occurred during the 8 year period of the two presidencies.
Color-coded icons also denote knots for specific activities.
Binder-USA has expanded the Series 620 snap-in product line by including color-coded plugs and receptacles.
In addition to Otis bore brushes being roll stamped with the brush number, all brushes will now feature a color-coded core wire.
The traction motor power connector now includes a color-coded power mounting flange with built-in locking keys to prevent the contact cable from slipping during use.
As a result, different versions of the electronics can be color-coded for easy identification, or the colored rings can be used to match existing brand colours.
TAB software experts will be on hand, throughout the Expo, performing demonstrations of TAB FusionRMS records management software, as well as brand new TABQUIK color-coded labeling software.