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barrier preventing blacks from participating in various activities with whites

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The 34,231 tons gross SuperSpeed1, built by Aker Finnyards at Rauma in Finland, has been in service on the Kristiansand Hitshals route since 2008 and is the third Color Line vessel to be equipped with ABB s system, after the Color Magic and Color Fantasy.
Pramuk's book is an experiment in navigating the color line through a methodical interdisciplinary approach.
Marc Dudley's Hemingway, Race, and Art: Bloodlines and the Color Line contextualizes the author's work (and the author's place in modernist literature) with regard to the imaginary border, both fixed and fluid, that defines racial understanding.
The spring color line will be offered in both text-based and floral designs, and joins the classic line of black and silver ties.
The second half of Next to the Color Line largely concerns Du Bois's own duality.
Madison, WI-based AccuWeb has introduced the AccuBeam II digital color line guide sensors.
In fact, the late Jackie Robinson, who was responsible for breaking the color line in America's favorite pastime, and Jim Brown, the groundbreaking football star, were considered ahead of their time when they became vocal proponents of black entrepreneurship and economic development.
After she and her siblings broke the color line at Drew High School, classmates called them "niggers," smacked them in the head with spitballs and chalk, or treated them with silent disdain.
An identical color line is available with extra uv inhibitor for coextrusion of a 25-mil colored skin layer to provide long-term outdoor stability.
This high-performance printer is capable of both processing and printing an 11-inch x 17-inch color line drawing in "fast" mode in 15 seconds on plain paper, an 11-inch x 17-inch color line drawing in "normal" mode in 1.
Shuffle Along (1921) broke the color line on Broadway with an all-black cast and an unsegregated audience in every section of the house.
Class and dignity - a couple of attributes your husband, Roy, and Jackie Robinson took deadly serious when they were busting up the color line for all African-American athletes back in the '50s - took it on the chin again Monday.
And Norway's largest ferry company, Color Line, is just the ticket for Scots looking for a break that's just that little bit different.
Another company, Color Line, operates ferries from Newcastle to Bergen - and offers motorists a package to Voss, an ideal base for touring the fjord country on the relatively traffic-free roads.
No boring academic tome, The New Color Line is well-written and concise.