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He has the color in the face which my face wants, and the firmness in his figure which my figure wants.
Jos A Banks, Venus Swimwear, Venus Edge, WinterSilks, Designer Outlet and National Blinds and Wallpaper will be the first online merchandisers to implement the enhanced version of True Internet Color in order to increase conversion and retention rates, and ultimately online purchases.
The disproportionate number of children of color in the child welfare system is clearly related to the shrinking safety net, expanding prisons and detention centers, and the privatization of key public functions.
NYSE:IMN) today announced the commercial availability of Imation Verifi(TM) Accurate Web Color in the European markets.
Arrests and convictions of immigrants of color in this country occur in the context of racist enforcement and penal policies," says Borann Heam, coordinator of the Khmer Freedom Campaign in the Bronx, NY.