color code

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system using colors to designate classifications

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But civilians are not aware of what action to be taken based on the color codes. This may require a revision but does not herald full change in the coding system, he said.
Ozone Color code and Who should AQI concentration level of limit outdoor value (ppm) health concern activity?
Joseph, Ph.D., Chief of the Neuroscience Laboratory at the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University; endocrinologist Daniel Nadeau, M.D., and Newsweek health and nutrition writer Anne Underwood, The Color Code examines the potential health-promoting power of phytochemicals -- the natural compounds that make Wild Blueberries blue, tomatoes red and spinach green.
* Appoint staff coordinator to assign color codes to office areas and assist with all move-related issues.
Our results show that the "red means shoot" color code, when applied to the VCATS weapons symbology, produced significantly faster shots against fighters and bombers without degrading Pk.
Because of several aforementioned problems associated with other marking techniques, this paper describes an inexpensive ink color code system for individually marking small-eared rodents using permanent ink.
The barangays were grouped in three different color codes - red, orange and yellow.
The online documentation has been recently updated and the color codes of 23 additional car marques have been added.