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barrier preventing blacks from participating in various activities with whites

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The Color Bar is a full-service salon that offers the best in hair-color technology and other premium hair services that give true value for your money.
Prior to opening The Color Bar, Jof and his business partner Darwin Cerrado had been operating a by-appointment hair color studio for two years.
The Color Bar is a salon that delivers premium, eco-friendly and personal service.
At The Color Bar, Jof wants to give his customers a culture of service, with emphasis placed on the quality of products and services.
Contrary to the general impression that applying color may cause damage, The Color Bar maintains its objective of making sure that hair is taken care of by using various hair-coloring techniques and products.
Current Salon and Color Bar offers men's and women's haircuts, color services, color packages, texture and deep conditioning treatments, waxing and threading services.
Her life-long dream of owning her own salon was realized when she opened Current Salon and Color Bar in May of 2012.
Current Salon and Color Bar opened in Ashburn, Virginia in 2012, and is already one of the top hair salons in Northern Virginia.
Judging criteria included: how the color bar was visually integrated into the salon, how hair color was marketed to clients using the Color Bar menu and other marketing tools and how the color revenue grew as a result of the Color Bar and Color Bar menu.
Light Works will be available on and at Madison Reed Color Bars for $44.95 and for $35.95 for members.
In his 1999 book, Color Bars: Television's Diversity Dilemma, former BET executive Tom Jacobs scolds Johnson for building and maintaining his empire on the electronic equivalent of junk mail.
That revelation, while potentially informative, shouldn't come at the expense of two superb smaller paintings ridiculously installed on short walls nearby--Bowl of Cherries, Irwin's beautiful 1962 monochrome canvas with thin floating horizont al color bars, and Ruscha's still-clever Annie, Poured from Maple Syrup, 1966.
The parallel bands suggest video-screen color bars but also, and more improbably, a striped blanket and matching pillowcase.