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translucent brittle substance produced from pine oleoresin

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Respiratory disease in workers exposed to solder flux fumes containing colophony (pine resin) Clin Allergy, 8: 1-14.
JA: Gaviotas needs to import certain things from the wider society, things like the cardboard and the special paper to wrap the blocks of colophony, and the plastic bottles for the water you bottle.
Colophony resin (rosin) and EVA polymer blends have been extensively used as components in hot-melt adhesives and sealants (14-18).
Another to keep a close eye on is the Karen Morgan-trained Colophony, who takes in the Installed Masters Lodge Handicap Hurdle (8.
After filtration and sedimentation, the mix goes through a distillation process that yields turpentine and a residue known as colophony or rosin.
The eight-year-old usually wears blinkers and they were on when he chased home Colophony at Huntingdon last month.
Composition of the model ink Composition of the Composition of the model ink 1 (%) model ink 2 (%) Alkyd resin 10,0 10,0 Hard resin 0 21,0 Pigment 17,0 17,0 Additives 13,0 13,0 Mineral oil 26,5 0 Vegetable oil 5,0 39,0 Modified colophony 28,5 0 resin Table 2.
by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration and others has linked colophony with occupational asthma.
Some of the substances to screen for pine and spruce allergies include colophony, oil of turpentine, and wood tars.
Things have been looking up a little during the past month, and his upturn in fortunes can continue at Windsor today with Colophony (4.
Henry Cecil was another to reach 13, while stable jockey Richard Quinn moved to within one of his half-century, when Colophony ran out a 16-length winner of the Channel M Maiden Stakes.
Richard Quinn moved to within one of his half-century when Colophony ran out a 16- length winner of the Channel M Maiden Stakes on the same card.
There will be some long faces if Colophony is beaten in the Channel M Maiden Stakes.
RAFKA GmbH has been granted a patent for an adhesive varnish, adapted to retain powdered pigments, that contains colophony and pre-treated linseed oil in a solvent system including primarily naphtha (of the boiling range of about 80[degrees]C through about 160[degrees]C) and technical ethanol.
Colophony resins, for example, can hardly be procured at all--and, if they can, then only at vastly inflated prices.