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someone who helps to found a colony

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While not denying that the colonial places had their own types of ruthless leaders, what colonialism did was to develop friendly alliances with or embolden such leaders who, in turn, helped the coloniser to subjugate colonial spaces.
While no one blames Hinduism for what Hindu kings did, it has become generally acceptable to blame Islam and Christianity for the misdeeds of kings and colonisers, respectively.
Dhanuka Coloniser & Builders was developing a residential complex, %Sunshine Prime%, in Rajasthan.
After a careful analysis of the situation, they motivated the native populace to take up arms against the colonisers.
Decolonizing Methodologies was not written with us in mind, however, and Smith makes no concessions to potential coloniser readers, not even `post-colonialists': "the fashion of post-colonialism [may have] become a strategy for reinscribing or reauthorizing the privileges of non-indigenous academics" (p 24).
They include formal and informal portraits of Africans and their colonisers, photos of slaves and slave traders, of the British bombardment of Zanzibar in 1896, as well as images depicting the building of the East African railway and daily life in Africa.
Puno said the economic colonisers, whom he did not name, continued to "suppress the social and economic rights of the people" by offering their help to the Third World, including the Philippines, "in exchange for our natural resources to suit and advance their own economic agenda".
The colonisers of today, like those of old, will learn eventually that the desire for freedom cannot be extinguished by edict or the rule of force.
Here he reveals how the post-Empire experiences of both colonisers and colonised shaped Britain's destiny.
The city's history of attrition with foreign colonisers, migrant workers and refugees, began in 1842 when Shanghai was chosen as one of the first five Treaty Ports in which foreigners would be allowed to trade, but not reside.
1989: In Australia, the Native Title Bill was passed, allowing Aborigines to claim land taken by European colonisers 200 years earlier.
My sympathies lie with the Zulu warriors who fought to defend their native land from the aggression of Britain's colonisers.