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someone who helps to found a colony

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While not denying that the colonial places had their own types of ruthless leaders, what colonialism did was to develop friendly alliances with or embolden such leaders who, in turn, helped the coloniser to subjugate colonial spaces.
Dhanuka Coloniser & Builders was developing a residential complex, %Sunshine Prime%, in Rajasthan.
After a careful analysis of the situation, they motivated the native populace to take up arms against the colonisers.
Here he reveals how the post-Empire experiences of both colonisers and colonised shaped Britain's destiny.
The city's history of attrition with foreign colonisers, migrant workers and refugees, began in 1842 when Shanghai was chosen as one of the first five Treaty Ports in which foreigners would be allowed to trade, but not reside.
This book is about the developed world--that is the former colonisers of the African continent now busy slamming shut its doors to Africans and Arabs.
1989: In Australia, the Native Title Bill was passed, allowing Aborigines to claim land taken by European colonisers 200 years earlier.
An outline of discovery and colonisation by European nations is followed by moves for independence by colonisers and indigenous peoples.
THE Archdruid of Wales has been accused of damaging the Welsh language and culture by branding English people living in Wales as colonisers.
It also develops the concept of `dual colonialism' to analyse the complex relations between Jewish settlers and British colonisers, and explores the reluctance of leading Zionists to allow a process of nation-building from below that would have allowed communities, rather than organised quasi-state institutions, to define the trajectory of Jewish nationalism.
It's a division between the colonised and the colonisers, as can be seen by the viscous grip the Labour Party has had on the Valleys for over a century, in which anything remotely Welsh, was ignored and neglected and subjected to discrimination because it didn't fit the image of the colonisers represented by the Labour Party.
Prah, director of the Centre for Advanced Studies of African Society (CASAS) in South Africa, rejects the notion held by colonisers that Africans were a "variety of humanity beyond the pale of civilised refinement" before the coming of the Europeans.
The project, run by Newcastle University in association with population experts at Oxford University, aims to find out how the country has been influenced by colonisers from the Vikings and Romans to the Celts and the Normans.
In this survey the author, who combines wide-ranging historical research and a pleasing style, looks at the 'first two generations of explorers, colonisers, governors and missionaries' who in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries colonised the vast area between what is now the Southern United States (California to Florida) and Cape Horn.
To understand this, we need to remember first that the Portuguese as colonisers bled Mozambique of its resources for 350 years, built almost no infrastructure, and fought a bloody ten-year war against the independence movement.