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inhabited by colonists

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Once the wood is fully colonised, mushrooms will spring forth from cracks or channels in the wood.
To the majority of those colonised, the Union Flag was known as the 'Butcher's Apron'', representing cruel and violent colonial oppression, and the enslavement of native people.
I am not surprised at the English FA using this opportunity to scapegoat a foreign player from a colonised country to deflect attention from their own history of institutionalised racism.
Outbreak control team chairman Dr Craig Williams, GGC's leading infection control consultant, said: "The eight babies who are colonised are being nursed together as a cohort in one part of the neonatal unit totally separately from other patients.
Himani Bannerji's study of the age of consent issue in India shows how British colonialism sought to legitimise itself and lubricate the machinery of governmental administration by way of policy legislation that aimed to reorganise gender relations among the colonised.
Routine tests showed the babies had been colonised with the antibiotic resistant bacteria.
Comparison between colonised & non-colonized preterm infants Profile Colonized Non-colonized characteristics (n=20) (n=80) Mean birth 1142.
We also found that eggs from women with colonised follicular fluid had a lower rate of fertilisation to start with, which, of course, meant they produced fewer embryos for transfer to the womb," the ABC quoted her as saying.
Dr Alice Roberts will explore where we came from, how our ancestors colonised the world, and how their journeys changed us.
Cod crawled out of the ocean They colonised the land They lay in wait at the dead of night And crawled along the sand.
Set in a shared house colonised by Antipodeans, Vegemite Tales stars Neighbours actor Blair McDonough and Jessica Gerger and has been described as "a funnier version of Friends".
The Trust spokesperson added: "When we identified these babies as being colonised with serratia, we took immediate action to reduce the spread of the bacteria by isolating the babies and barrier-nursing them.
Two bugs - pseudomonas aeruginosa and serratia - have colonised three babies on the neo-natal intensive care ward at Sheffield's Jessop Hospital for Women.