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Un avocat de Sherbrooke et redacteur en chef du Pionnier, Jerome-Adolphe Chicoyne, prend les renes de ce projet et se rend en France oU, a Nantes, il trouve des investisseurs avec qui il met sur pied la Compagnie de colonisation et de credit des Cantons-del'Est.
Obama: "La possibilite d'une solution a deux Etats continue a exister" Le president americain Barack Obama a affirme jeudi que "la possibilite d'une solution a deux Etats" israelien et palestinien "continuait a exister", en critiquant la colonisation israelienne qui "ne fait pas avancer la paix".
Magness found a notation from as late as 1864 that Lincoln asked the attorney general whether he could continue to receive counsel from James Mitchell, his colonisation commissioner, even after Congress had withdrawn funding for the office.
Another ``Hand of God'' or penalty shoot-out defeat will only add to the joy; going some way to make up for the insult of being subjected to the form of colonisation referred to.
Colonisation means imposing a language, culture and identity on a country, assimilating the indigenous people or displacing them.
Concernant les archives du temps de la colonisation que la France doit nous remettre, il faut dire que des lots de ces documents ont ete transmis a nos autorites.
Suivant une nouvelle tactique non-violente contre la colonisation israelienne, quelques dizaines de Palestiniens ont monte des tentes dans deux secteurs differents, mais des soldats israeliens sont immediatement intervenus, a-t-on ajoute des memes sources.
Lincoln had always voluntarily promoted colonisation, but historians differ on whether or not he moved away from the concept after he issued the Emancipation Proclamation on 1 January 1863.
The ubiquitous posters which preach ``no colonisation'' mean no colonisation by anyone.
beaucoup moins que]Les Israeliens doivent admettre que la poursuite de la colonisation est contre-productive pour la cause de la paix (.
610 logements dans le quartier de colonisation juive de Givat Hamatos, a Jerusalem-Est occupee et annexee, a indique a l'AFP une ONG specialisee dans la colonisation.
Colonisation is a process whereby certain incomers to an area, region or country refuse to learn its language or integrate into its culture,and set about imposing their own language,culture and identity on local society.
However, I must correct one point: Cymuned is not using the term colonisation to describe all English incomers.
Plusieurs nouveaux projets de construction massifs dans des quartiers de colonisation a Jerusalem-Est occupee et annexee sont sur le point d'etre approuves, a indique mardi l'association anti-colonisation israelienne La Paix Maintenant.
The fact that English is today the majority language of Wales is the result of seven centuries of colonisation - beginning with military conquest, and then ensuring that becoming a monoglot English-speaker was the best way for Welsh people to achieve economic and social advancement.