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a water enema given to flush out the colon

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Key words: fat necrosis, lipogranulomatosis, yolk coelomitis, salpingohysterectomy, colonic obstruction, avian, psittacine, umbrella cockatoo, Cacatua alba
However, severe colonic obstruction and other long-term life threatening syndromes may occur in dogs bearing postoperative adhesion (HANDERSON, 1996; COOLMAN et al.
The management of left-sided malignant colonic obstruction is challenging.
Etiologies of a Type II cecal volvulus include sudden distention by trauma, pressure, constipation, or distal colonic obstruction.
Unrelieved colonic obstruction from any cause leads to a predictable series of sequelae.
Colonic obstruction may occur in three progressively severe forms, all of which are characterized by a decline in the colon's motility--the ability of the soft tissue lining in the tract to contract and expand as needed in order to usher feces onward and outward.
Stent palliates uncomfortable symptoms in patients with colonic obstruction
Sigmoid volvulus (SV) is a rare colonic obstruction in which the sigmoid colon wraps around itself.
In dealing with an emergency colonic obstruction leading to a caecal perforation, few authors favour some form of primary anastomosis as opposed to others favoring creating of an initial stoma after a standard right hemi-colectomy.
5) Associations include trauma, constipation, distal colonic obstruction (ie, colonic carcinoma or diverticulitis), atony (colonic ileus/pseudo-obstruction), colonoscopy, postpartum abdomen, and postoperative abdomen.
Closed colonic obstruction is a surgical emergency and may be complicated by spontaneous colonic rupture at the moment of laparotomy, or shortly thereafter as the abdominal compartment is decompressed.
Because of a clinical profile suggestive of malignancy with an impending colonic obstruction, an extended right hemicolectomy was done.
A diagnosis of colonic obstruction was made; on laparotomy, an obstructing lesion of the mid-transverse colon was found.