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THE RESULTS OF DETERMINATION OF CAUSATIVE AGENTS OF SEPSIS BY USE OF ACL-METHOD AND BACTERIOLOGICAL METHOD Causative agents The amount Determination of cases percentage of determined the bacteria by use of from bacteriology hemoculture from hemoculture Staphylococcus 20 21,9 Klebsiella -- 0 Colon bacillus 3 3,2 Blue pus bacillus 1 1,09 Proteus 15 16,4 Candida fungus 6 6,6 Streptococcus -- 0 Total: 45 49.2 Gram-positive flora 20 21,9 Gram-negative flora 19 20,7 Causative agents The amount Determination of cases percentage determined of ACL by use of ACL Staphylococcus 42 29 Klebsiella 33 23 Colon bacillus 9 6,2 Blue pus bacillus 5 3,4 Proteus 16 11 Candida fungus 37 25,5 Streptococcus 3 2,0 Total: 145 99,9 Gram-positive flora 45 31 Gram-negative flora 54 46,3
Snow Brand officials said another bacteria, a colon bacillus, was also detected together with staphylococcus aureus and cereus when the company conducted a sanitary checkup of its plant in Osaka's Miyakojima Ward on June 29, two days before the news conference.
It is not known whether the colon bacillus can cause disease, the officials said.
Today, wastewater at Stennis is treated using natural biological systems, which inexpensively but effectively reduce VOCs, biological oxygen demand (BOD), and the fecal coliform (related to colon bacillus) count.