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severe gastroenteritis of unknown etiology

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Phil adds rheumatiz, collywobbles, blahs, and nubs.
If we get the collywobbles early on that can transmit itself to the players and that's the last thing they need.
My complexion and the shutter by this time being of the same hue, Mother, having never been a boy herself, diagnosed my condition as a severe case of collywobbles.
Hull City's defeat at Spurs meant a Sunderland victory against Leicester City would have avoided the final-week collywobbles and allowed the Black Cats to go into their final two games at Arsenal and Chelsea without the Sword of Damocles hanging over their heads.
Crikey, I'm getting the collywobbles just writing this
However, snow-induced collywobbles saw them lose four times in nine games and gift the initiative to their dogged pursuers, which means this weekend's match against Bees, which should have been a meaningless endof-season romp, now has more subplots than a series of Broadchurch.
They are breathing down the necks of bitter rivals Tottenham, who are renowned for suffering the collywobbles whenever glory looks near.
Stuart, from Swansea, is planning to spend two months rowing 3,500 nautical miles across the ocean and his main concern is getting the collywobbles.
TP occupied pride of place in all the best British guidebooks that deal with the terror incognita which lies East of Suez, where be modern-day dragons in the form of Delhi-belly and the Bombay bog-trot, Calcutta collywobbles and Trivandrum tum-tum.
But the first time she walked along the famous cobbles she admitted getting collywobbles.
Having given up a goal lead at Crystal Palace in the dying minutes, failing to convert a last-gasp penalty against Reading to turn a point into all three and then conceding in six agonising injury minutes against Blackpool to deny a much-needed win, City appear to be getting the collywobbles when they should be showing a bit more killer instinct to secure a result.
JUST when you needed a resolute defensive performance to combat the cauldron that is Elland Road, Carlisle's hitherto frugal backline had a dose of the collywobbles to concede three league goals for only the second time this season, writes MIKE CORRY.