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"We would like to put on record our thanks and appreciation to Colly for his endeavours at our club and we wish him well in the future.
In 2007 The Colly became Kasbah, but eleven years later, the controversy continues as true Coventrians still have a night out at The Colly.
Authorities say Colly was killed in March 2012 in his living quarters on the top floor of the apartment complex he owned in Bay St.
I consider Colly a friend but it's fair to say we had a pretty indifferent relationship when he was my Durham captain, and I never played for the county again once he was appointed.
"When I was England captain there were times when Colly struggled for form and we had long chats about how he was feeling."
Training sessions have been different this year for T20 as Colly looks to put his ideas across and it's something I think will have a good impact.
"When Colly and I got together we said we would bat for as long as we could and get a good partnership together," said the Sunderland fan, who thanks to his football team too is having a good few days.
But Colly thinks the Gunners should have bitten Barca's hands off long ago.
With people like Colly in the team, that is never going to happen with England.
Colly obviously wasn't going for a run, he was probably a bit hasty in leaving his crease and New Zealand were in their rights to uphold their appeal.
"Colly did say to me that if he had been given out for it he would only have had himself to blame for being dozy."
"We're hopeful that Andrew will be okay, but we just feel that Colly is the right man to finish it off for us if the situation occurs.
Charity inspector Keith Hogben said the pheasants were killed at their enclosure in Colly Road, Bedlinog, at night between Friday, August 29, and Saturday, August 30.
In the race Jaz is paired with Colly, a master corporal.