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acting together in secret toward a fraudulent or illegal end


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The enquiry report also found that Pharma Bureau and its member undertakings appear to have been engaged in demanding across the board increases in prices and operating in a collusive and cooperative manner to influence the pricing policies and have also engaged in discussions on prices from time to time.
'We have always been consistent in encouraging the ERC, the PCC, and the Department of Energy to join forces in promoting an environment that is free from anti-competitive and collusive behavior, especially in times of sudden and unexplained power outages when helpless consumers feel that they are at the mercy of energy players,' Gatchalian said.
During the last hearing of his committee on the spate of power outages in Luzon, Gatchalian encouraged not only the DOE, but also the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), to come up with a clear working relationship with the PCC so that they would have a consistent conclusion when investigating anti-competitive and collusive behavior among energy players.
The World Bank said that OTV and Veolia Water Technologies Brasil "further worked with one of these agents in an attempt to improperly influence the tendering requirements, engaging in collusive practices prohibited by the World Bank's procurement guidelines".
In a statement, the Philippine Competition Commission said it would "assess whether the recent power plants' outages are manipulated to increase electricity prices or are valid unplanned breakdowns that affect supply conditions." Under the competition law, engagement in anti-competitive or collusive behavior is punishable by up to P250 million and imprisonment of officers of up to seven years, PCC said.
The court also extended his custody until next April.Controversial businessman Marian Ko#269ner, who is charged with falsifying promissory notes worth euro69 million that concern private broadcaster TV Markiacuteza, will be sent into collusive custody so that he will not be able to influence the investigation.
The two firms will focus on bid rigging and collusive tendering as they seek to break down cartels that dominate multi-billion shilling public procurement.The committees first assignment will be poring through all major tender documents stored with government entities to seek out any red flags that may point to collusive tendering and thereafter apply the law accordingly, said Wangombe Kariuki, CAKs director-general.
The plea, filed by Advocate Barun Kumar Sinha, said: "Such fraudulent, opportunist, collusive, tactics between these two political parties have defrauded the electorate of Karnataka which is against the basic structure of the Constitution of India." Governor was bound to consider the concept of popular government in a parliamentary democratic system, the Hindu outfit's plea said.
There were some critical reports about Kim's appointment because he moved from Samsung to the senior diplomatic post, raising an issue with the possible collusive ties.
for two years in connection with fraudulent and collusive practices under the Health Sector Development Program in Bangladesh, reports BSS.
9 (ANI): In the backdrop of the recent scams reported in the banking sector, citizens have flagged concern on various aspects of business-banker nexus and the gaps that exist, particularly of collusive corruption existing among (PSBs).
Earlier, the CCP also investigated and penalised collusive behaviour in the poultry sector.
It would be pertinent to mention that CCP has previously also investigated and penalized collusive behaviour in the poultry sector.
The sanction relates to corrupt and collusive practices under the Identification System for Enhancing Access to Services Project (IDEA), a project designed to establish a secure, accurate and reliable national ID system in the People's Republic of Bangladesh.
Yet an even tougher task may prove delivering on his promises to shake up collusive ties between big business and the government, and so unleash animal spirits.