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a conversation especially a formal one

formal conversation

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Specter: "I thought it useful to have a colloquy with Senator Jeffords where I would not raise an objection on his assurance that out of the conference the bill of the Labor Committee would not be watered down any more.
the invented text we call AElfric's Colloquy, Old English to
His colloquy with Representative Maxine Waters, Democrat of California, went like this:
These documents include, for example, Gregory of Tours's account of the power of a saint's relics, and Erasmus's irreverent colloquy on pilgrimages to saints' shrines.
Colloquy provides indepth information about the most interesting frequency/loyalty programs offered today and how these programs stack up against each other within the industry.
The subject of last month's colloquy was minority representation on network TV.
The Marburg Colloquy of 1529, a gathering of the major Saxon and Swiss theologians of the Reformation, was held to reach a consensus.
The ten essays that make up this volume were initially presented at the 1992 Durham French Colloquy on 'Nouveaux Mondes'.
Each camp made sure it had a representative at the other camp's news conferences, and these conferences often ended up with the advocates engaged in sharptongued colloquy.
4) Indeed, he alludes elsewhere to other colloquies by Erasmus, and, as has already been mentioned, he alludes directly to a different colloquy in The Alchemist itself.
He distinguishes, for example, "between dialogue and colloquy--a dichotomy in which colloquy connotes reciprocal exchange while dialogue signifies a broader set of rhetorical interactions that proceed despite verbal imbalance, conflict, and agonism" (24).
Colloquy of the Old Men, TheIrish Agallamh na Seanorach, also called Dialogue of the Ancients or Colloquy of the Ancients.
Suppose further that in an effort to learn more about the rationale for and intricacies of the proposed legislation, a TEI member engages a government official in a colloquy about the proposed legislation at an educational conference.
Appendices include the Unesco Declaration on Media Education (1982), Recommendations from the Toulouse Colloquy on New Directions in Media Education (1990), and Resolutions and Conclusions of the First National Media Education Conference (Durban, 1990).
Some of the most recognized names in the global loyalty industry, including Caesars Entertainment, Canada's SCENE, and SUBWAY New Zealand, are winners of the 3rd Annual COLLOQUY Loyalty Awards - an event presented by LoyaltyOne and Visa, and the only loyalty awards decided by members of the loyalty industry.