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WHEN I first came to the area in the 1950s I watched United at St James' Park, known colloquially as Gallowgate.
In its inaugural press release, the party -- colloquially referred to as "the Russian party" due to many of its founders and backers being Cyprus-based Russian businessmen -- outlined its key goals, which it said include combating corruption and promoting a hi-tech culture that would respect multiculturalism, multi-ethnicity and religious freedom.
Also known as the 3rd Battle of Ypres or colloquially the "Battle of Mud" or the "Slough of Despond" The aim of the attack was the destruction of German submarine pens on the Belgium coast.
Sir James, 68, added: "We do know that people die from what colloquially we call a broken heart.
According to media reports, the US for the first time used what the military colloquially calls the 'mother of all bombs' at Nangarhar province of Afghanistan where 15 Indian citizens had been killed .
640/2014 of 03/11/2014, the Nature Business Authority perform an annual test of field blocks, colloquially called ETS test.
1: Secession to the Suffolk Campaign is an extensively researched accounting of the 5th Texas Infantry, colloquially known as "The Bloody Fifth", during the American Civil War.
The company has received the USD3bn account in a pitch that ends a yearlong series of reviews, colloquially called 'Mediapalooza'.
Today, they would be referred to as the "minister's spouse" although colloquially, and, before the ordination of women, they were known as the "minister's wife.
The phrase, "the joint was jumping" is often used colloquially but could have been employed in its literal sense as it seemed everyone whose joints had survived intact since the 1970s was bouncing from the first number to the last.
Beretta added a feature colloquially called a slide catcher to prevent injury in case of slide breakage.
The disease, colloquially known as swamp cancer, appears in fall or early winter in areas with ponds and wetlands, habitats where Pythium thrives, the AKC Canine Health Foundation says.
The Model 1873 was colloquially known as 'the gun that won the west' and was saluted in the 1950 James Stewart film Winchester '73, while Confederates soldiers in the American Civil War called the Henry "that damned Yankee rifle that they load on Sunday and shoot all week
The European Organization for Nuclear Research, colloquially known as CERN, operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world outside of Geneva, Switzerland.
For a seven-month period, to put it colloquially, you put your hand in the till.