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The documents were discovered in a special archive - known colloquially in Whitehall as the "cabinet secretaries' files" - containing "sensitive, historic papers".
The process behind the storm, - rapid cyclogenesis, known colloquially as a "weather bomb" - is a deep low pressure system moving slowly eastwards between Scotland and Iceland.
The rapid cyclogenesis - known colloquially as a "weather bomb" - is a deep low-pressure system moving slowly eastwards between Scotland and Iceland.
Colloquially known as the "Big Mountain Jesus," the statue was erected by the Knights of Columbus in 1953 allegedly as a war memorial and sits on federal land near the Big Mountain Ski Resort.
Colloquially known as "Didi", or "elder sister", Banerjee's supporters hail her as a champion of India's poor and dispossessed.
Translator David Brookshaw renders this colloquially written story about eleven-year-old Mwanito confronting a legacy of war.
Victoria Bitter, known colloquially by its brand "VB", is brewed by Carlton & United Breweries, which was acquired by global brewing giant SABMiller in 2011.
You'd always prefer your singer songwriters musically/lyrically adept and colloquially clumsy than vice versa.
The Rock Ptarmigan (Lagopus muta) is known simply as Ptarmigan in Europe and colloquially as snow chicken or partridge in North America, where it is the official bird for the territory The ptarmigan is a plump game bird, slightly larger than a grey partridge.
On 6 March, three American scientists were awarded the King Faisal International Prize, known colloquially as the "Arab Nobel Prize" by Defence Minister Prince Sulman bin Abdulazi (below, left) at a ceremony in Saudi Arabia.
There is a swathe of territory in the EU which is known colloquially as the "banana".
An icon in the community, Rosa's, as it has been colloquially known by Seacoast residents, is perhaps a product of the times.
Mononucleosis is known by varied names including Infectious Mononucleosis (IM) or EBV Infectious Mononucleosis or glandular fever or Pfeiffer's disease or Filatov's disease or sometimes colloquially as the kissing disease.
Mythical Voyage: The Tale of the White Ponca is a trade-sized paperback fantasy novel for young adults, chronicling the adventures of a white ponca (more colloquially known as a unicorn).
Of interest to readers following Australian affairs and students of the effects of the global economic downturn on national economies, this small volume documents the real world costs of the financial meltdown in a nation colloquially thought to have weathered the brunt of the crisis relatively unscathed.