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The longevity of these colloquialisms and their environmental health connections is testament to the importance of our work.
Anyone who has visited Trinidad and Tobago--as British-born, Jamaica-descended Hurvin Anderson did before commencing the series of paintings he's produced over the past couple of years--knows about "liming." This Caribbean colloquialism has two sides: It's what locals are doing when languidly propping up the beachside rum bars; it's what travel brochures say moneyed tourists are up to when firing tennis balls around at the islands' country clubs.
Long-Tail Lines: Colloquialism describing an insurance coverage that has a lengthy period between the occurrence and final settlement of a claim.
Even their name is merely a colloquialism for "horsemen with guns," not a term with cultural, linguistic, or political roots, and they do not in any organized way "represent" the Arab tribes in western Sudan.
The colloquialism was intended in the context that Rickenbacker and his companions stranded at sea would surely have perished except for two important factors: They did everything humanly possible to help themselves; and God (they firmly believed) performed the miracle by doing what they could not do for themselves.--Ed.
The noun is derived from the colloquialism pumpen ("to pump") used for indiscriminate borrowing.
With much success he walks a fine line between scholarly jargon and patronizi ng colloquialism.
The drug abuser should understand that "dying to win" is no longer an idle colloquialism in sport.
The style is a masterpiece of conciseness, colloquialism, and wit, so that many of Griboyedov's lines have become proverbial.
Already the middle and eastern sessions of Long Island are saturated with overdeveloped shopping strips('taxpayers ' the ironic colloquialism), where there is simply insufficient tenant/retailer supply.
and there are also plenty of language devices to use as examples in creative writing similes, colloquialism etc.
As America unified and the use of English prevailed, ten replaced dix but for some reason Dixie and Dixieland stuck and is used as a common colloquialism for the former French territory.
are familiar with the original Hans Christian Andersen tale and who might also understand the colloquialism 'clothes horse'.
The first was when it used the word complementarity, which we are reliably informed is a local colloquialism for "goes together" and is a phrase that is often uttered in local hostelries.
Mr Morgan, a keen follower of boxing, said he wanted the convention to include some of the "8,000 Welsh fans who went to Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago to see Joe Calzaghe" - hence the term "clattering", derived from a colloquialism for a heavy blow or clash.
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