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Due to relatively high surfactant concentration and low solid content, particles were assumed to be colloidally stable [5], and therefore coagulation is not considered.
For nanoparticles to be useful in biomedical applications they must be colloidally stable in biological media.
In crude oil, asphaltenes are present as discrete or colloidally dispersed particles in the oily phase.
This may be attributed to the association of colloidally dispersed or dissolved starch molecules onto larger units as the starch solutions were cooled (Adebowale 2002).
The starting latex suspensions were of course colloidally stabilized.
These hydrophobized pullulan molecules can form colloidally stable nanoparticles upon self-aggregation in water with monodispersity.
Although silt particles cannot, in the strict sense of the word, disperse and remain in suspension colloidally, they are potentially subject to binding within the soil matrix.
8) Turbidimetric PAM is allowed to react with a reagent to method produce an insoluble complex, which remains colloidally suspended and can be measured by light scattering in a turbidimeter or spectrophotometer.