colloidal gel

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a colloid in a more solid form than a sol


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The sample was made by pouring the colloidal gel inside a silicone tube.
Our colloidal gel biomaterial had degraded into a fluid cluster phase by around 3 weeks as seen in Figure 1(b).
Our results clearly show that the combination of HA, PLGA, and chitosan can yield a nontoxic biomaterial that can be developed into an injectable colloidal gel supporting cell attachment as well as cell migration needed for the purposes of regenerative pharmacology and tissue engineering.
While elasticity studies have been conducted on HA and on PLGA, the stiffness of the biomaterial that we used has not been well characterized; viscosity studies have been difficult because the colloidal gel tended to get fractured; and, importantly, visualization of cell nuclei using fluorescent dye on the biomaterial was hindered due to interference by hydroxyapatite, especially blurred image formation due to scattering [15].
In this study, we employed three-dimensional colloidal gels made of HA/PLGA/chitosan to study the viability and migration of porcine chondrocytes and found that porcine chondrocytes could move in culture around hydroxyapatite.
Synthetic colloidal gels marketed commercially by many companies are also used as lubricants in protracted cases of dystocia (Peter and Jackson, 1995).