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The operation took 6 hrs 4 units of packed red cells 400 mL of fresh frozen plasma 1700 mL of cell salvage 4100 mL of crystalloid solution and 3000 mL of colloid solution were transfused totally and the urine was
Although using colloid solution has a theoretical advantage of generating a greater intravascular expansion than crystalloid solutions (41), it also has the disadvantages of greater cost and the risk of adverse reactions and potential adverse effects on the coagulation and renal systems.
99m]-labeled sulfur colloid solution is injected around the tumor (or peri-nipple if the tumor is near the axillary basin) about 1-6 h prior to the procedure.
In this research, colloid solution containing hydroxyapatite nanoparticles, chitosan and graphene oxide converts into ice in freeze drier device.
The Ag colloid solution was prepared using the chemical reduction method according to the description of Lee and Meisel [15].
Silica colloid solution was provided by the Secondary Chemical Factory of Wuhan, China.
Albumin and nonprotein colloid solution use in US academic health centers.
The dye is soluble in water and creates a red colloid solution.
Theoretically, a colloid solution is the more logical choice in preventing hypotension since it remains in the circulation for a longer period because of its oncotic pressure.