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Tim slides open the aft colloid and reveals the curve of the world--the ocean's deepest purple--edged with fuming and intolerable gold.
Then the Sun rises and through the colloid strikes out our lamps.
George shuts off, the colloids are opened, and the fresh air sweeps her out.
She's a public lunger or she wouldn't have been singing the Benedicite; and she's a Greenlander or she wouldn't have snow-blinds over her colloids," said George at last.
Handbook of Colloid and Interface Science; Volume 1: Basic Principles of Interface Science and Colloid Stability
A PubMED search of literature was performed to identify the evidence on different treatment options and surgical approaches for removal of colloid cysts.
An extraordinary aspect of this case is that the CT scans revealed a colloid cyst at the center of his brain, a congenital condition which he had all his life but did not know.
5] The benign group included benign follicular nodules such as adenomatoid nodule and colloid nodule and different cases of thyroiditis whereas all malignant lesions without any overt follicular architecture were included in the malignant group.
Aluminum oxide colloid nanoparticles have applications in various fields and industries, including laser, solar cells, production of transistors and nanomedicine.
Colloid cysts are rare congenital and benign intracranial tumors, representing up to 2% of all intracranial neoplasms [1-3].
Many investigators have found that colloid preloading offsets hypotension and hypervolemia more effectively than the crystalloid solutions.
of Buenos Aires, Argentina) presents this physico-chemical analysis of colloid-ion interactions in soil, intended to inform environmental science with colloid chemistry.
Smears obtained by FNAC of 50 case, each of HT (which served as cases) and colloid goiter (which served as controls) were observed.
Colloid cysts within the brain can have serious consequences.
Specializing in industrial research in applied surface and colloid chemistry, the group has been set up to close the gap between formulation and colloid science, by applying the principles of colloid science to industrial and pharmaceutical product development.