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There are 10 of my other collogues who are gathered here from 10 different cities across the world and the primary purpose here is, this is an annual meeting of all the representatives of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Central Tibetan Administration.
Hence, the reality: If we are committed on the MA level to the overall success of program graduates, then we need to make sure TAs are equipped to be successful in all areas of professional life--as researchers, collogues, and especially as teachers.
Syria is one of the most dangerous places as at least 25 journalists have been killed and there have been many collogues kidnapped or lost since the beginning of the clashes in 2011," noted the association, calling for the release of the photo correspondent.
I attend the national pool and spa show and went on rewards trips where I networked with my collogues in the industry.
17 Common Pathogens likely to cause the post-operative infections at surgical site are almost the same as described by Chang and his collogues.
Branscombe and collogues (2003) understand that people within a culture or society teach children by their actions and through direct teaching of facts including: games, songs, rules, vocabulary, and moral expectations of the cultural heritage.
According to details an employee of a fish contractor Adnan son of Rafique, resident of Khanpur was conducting an operation against the illegal fish hunting in Tarbela reservoir along with his other collogues on a little boat at night.
7% similar to our study Incidence of polyhydramnios was 2% when done by Anisa Fawad and collogues (2008) (4) which is more in comparison to our study.
Responding to what the leader of delegation Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly Sardar Sher Ali Ghorchani and his other collogues appreciated the efforts and timely action of the Sindh Government against the criminals and bringing normalcy and improvements in law and order situation on permanent basis in the Karachi, the Chief Minister Sindh said that this targeted operation was launched in Karachi after taking all stakeholders and all political parties at Karachi in confidence to meet the situation on immediate basis.
One of his collogues told The Gulf News that Moideen went to purchase something from the market on Thursday evening, but did not come back.
The fishermen urged the Inidan and Pakistan governments to release their collogues who had unintentionally crossed the border on either side.