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In the learner corpus it tends to collocate with words referring to sources of energy, but also with words referring to different types or aspects of pollution (e.
Although generate may collocate with negative words referring to different aspects of pollution, it certainly does not collocate with other negative words like risk.
But it also collocates with some words that do not collocate with achieve in the other corpora: achieve requirements/ expectations/ demands (e.
Similarly, although achieve and meet have a few common collocates (fewer than achieve and reach), such as target or standard, the words requirement and demand only collocate with meet.
A more appropriate signalling noun, which would collocate with achieve, might be something like goal or target.
An additional problem is that students are unaware that point and aspect do not collocate with the verb achieve.
Other discourse verbs that collocate with method in this sub-corpus are illustrate, outline, discuss, propose, evaluate, compare, but not explain.
These data could suggest that students resort to delexical verbs when they are not sure about the verbs that collocate with a specific noun.