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the state of being joined together

the connection of isolated facts by a general hypothesis

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She also notes that the Firthian theory postulates the priority of lexis over grammar (collocation should be observed first and colligation inferred after, as it is a more abstract feature), which obviously has implications for language teaching by shifting the focus to lexis rather than grammar (1.
A contrastive study of the semantic prosody and colligation in two news corpora.
This is achieved through an appropriately proportionate colligation of religious issues with those concerning politics, race, and culture.
Technological disintegration is in favour of internal accumulation of one kind of technological knowledge, while technological convergence leads to occasional knowledge colligation between different kinds of technological knowledge.
Verb and article colligation in French and English.
Corpora like the BNC are designed to provide sample data from which to infer generalisations about the language as a whole, or about particular broad categories of texts, concerning frequencies of occurrence and co-occurrence (collocation, colligation, and so on).
When, as in this instance, it is used within a qualitative framework colligation is required.
Part 2 offers chapters on three areas of investigation using corpus linguistics to research grammar: frequency, chunks and colligation, and semantic prosody.
9) Collocation is currently viewed as the lowest level on a scale of co-occurrence relations in language; the three other levels are colligation, semantic preference, and semantic prosody (see Hoey 2000, Louw 1993, Sinclair 2004).