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a silky-coated sheepdog with a long ruff and long narrow head developed in Scotland

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The master was running up, but was too far away; and it was Collie that saved the hound's life.
Collie had been taken in charge by one of the woman-gods, who held arms around her neck and petted and caressed her; but Collie was very much perplexed and worried, whining and restless, outraged by the permitted presence of this wolf and confident that the gods were making a mistake.
Take Collie inside and leave the two of them to fight it out," suggested Scott's father.
There were a mastiff, and one or two collies, and a St.
Cllr Collie added: "The tragic events we have just witnessed in America I would hope help speed up the legislation we need.
The offenders, both wearing balaclavas, escaped with pounds 3,000 cash after assaulting the owner of the farm on the Staffordshire moorlands and blasting his collie in the head with a shotgun.
COLLIE dog Lassie has been named Britain's favourite small-screen pet.
Premier Mark McGowan has travelled to Collie to test out the upgraded track at Collie Motorplex - with the tourism drawcard attracting big crowds, benefiting local small businesses and creating jobs.
I introduced you to 'Ank, a principal player (Guncrank, July/ Aug 2017), and then to Collie in the Nov/Dec issue.
com)-- The Bonfire Texas - Festival Gone to the Dogs is the first annual festival, November 4, 2017 at Blisswood Bed & Breakfast benefiting All Border Collie Rescue and Fosters of Blisswood.
A great example of a breed that is perfect for some families but could be disastrous in others is the Border Collie.
Known as Border Collie Collapse (BCC), exercise-induced collapse, stress seizures or "the wobbles," the condition has been seen in dogs in North America, Europe and Australia.
A local woman said the boy was "mauled" and "savaged on the jaw and the back of the head" by the black and white collie.
POLICE held a canine identity parade to enable an Aberystwyth teenager to pick out a collie which attacked her, a court has heard.
Ben Wilkes, at Border Collie Trust GB in Staffordshire, has been nominated for Animal Charity Volunteer of the Year in the Petplan and Association of Dogs and Cats Homes (ADCH) Animal Charity Awards.