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of or resembling or typical of a college or college students


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As I slowly recalled my collegiate studies and paleontological readings in Bowen's textbooks, I realized that I had looked upon nothing less than a diplodocus of the Upper Jurassic; but how infinitely different was the true, live thing from the crude restorations of Hatcher and Holland
She returned to the study and related what had just occurred, adding some sarcastic comments on the efficacy of moral force in maintaining collegiate discipline.
The National Collegiate Championship answers the need for more competitive exposure extending beyond local mother league competitions.
Collegiate Project Grants provide financial assistance to MTNA Collegiate Chapters for the development of the chapter's presence in the community through projects offering educational and professional development for collegiate members, as well as support and promotion of music in the community.
In the world of trademark law, collegiate athletes play without a
Designed by Rick Cook of COOKFOX Architects and developed by the Collegiate Churches of New York, the new building is being erected on and parcels owned by the Collegiate Churches of New York and are located next to West End Collegiate Church, one of the Collegiate Churches' five ministries.
We are committed to providing support for both professional and collegiate tennis, said Larry Ellison.
Barrett, also a finalist a year ago, claimed both the indoor and outdoor NCAA high jump titles for the third consecutive year, setting a collegiate record during the outdoor season.
Collegiate licensing appears most successful in just a few product categories, such as drinkware and serveware, but those niches have exponential possibilities when you consider the market, one vendor said.
Collegiate started brightly and controlled the majority of possession in the first half, and they went into the half time break 10-6 up with all to play for.
One notable organization is the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCa), which has unified collegiate strength and conditioning professionals with a highly respected certification process and a host of educational and professional growth initiatives, while maintaining an open-mind to various training approaches.
An academy squad from European Champions Stade Toulouse was among 23 teams in the under-15 competition, which saw Collegiate pitted against many sides nearly a year older - and bigger.
Williams is USC's first outright winner of the Honda-Broderick Cup, an award first given in 1977 to recognize the top collegiate woman athlete.
The new group-the National Collegiate Licensing Association (NCLA)-seemingly duplicates the function currently being served by the Association of Collegiate Licensing Administrators (ACLA), which was formed in the mid-'80s.
These institutions will work together to provide the trade a truer picture of the entire collegiate licensing industry, as well as maximizing opportunities for collegiate brands and helping to prevent the unauthorized use and sale of products bearing the members' logos.
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