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an Irish girl

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Colleen tried to ride out her illness for a few days before being forced to seek medical attention at an urgent care center on July 1[sup.
COLLEEN BREWSTER Age: From: Profession: Full-Height: Weight before: Weight now: 6 stone "We were the Big Sistas - and looking at the picture of us last Christmas with our festive T-shirts T and reindeer Alice bands certainly proves that," Colleen, 31, admitted.
Colleen Reilly is the President and Founder of Total Well-Being, a leading provider of comprehensive and turn-key corporate wellness program solutions for small to mid-size companies with up to 5,000 employees.
Colleen, from Cardiff, who lives with the FA Cup goal-winner in London, wrote to her wedding guests on justiving.
Colleen, from Cardiff, who lives with the FA cup goal winner in London, wrote to her wedding guests on a JustGiving site entitled celebrating the wedding of Colleen and Aaron on 14/06/2014, saying: "Hi, the wedding isn't far away now
Together, they have years of experience helping people get their business needs Colleen and Tom Anderson met.
Colleen trained at Middlemore Hospital in Auckland from 1966 until 1970.
Brian Levitt, chairman of the board, said, 'We're delighted to add Colleen to our board of directors.
Celebrating with a glass of bubbly after the event at Belfast's Fitzwilliam Hotel, Colleen told how she has lost a total of 5st 1lb since she joined the Unislim class in November 2010 She said: "I'm in shock.
Colleen, aged 43, is now living in her own home after 28 years languishing in inappropriate care, say her family and the charities which helped her transform her life.
SUPERMUM Colleen Callaghan has opened up her home and life to those in need.
MUM Colleen Majariwa says she was turned away from a medical centre after she was told her baby was "fine" -even though the little girl had stopped breathing.
A COMA sparked by swine flu wiped Colleen Wright's memory so completely she forgot she'd just had a baby.
Sisters Kathleen Dover and Colleen Dwyer grew up in Newcastle's West End but left Tyneside in 1970, with Kathleen emigrating to the USA and Colleen to South Africa.