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the outstanding item (the prize piece or main exhibit) in a collection

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The pulpy movie posters of the past are ideal collectors pieces.
Interesting entries will come from two collectors pieces, a Cobra and Mustang V8.
Its multi-media make-up--ceramic, metal, glass and wood are all used--is further distinguished by a grouping of limited edition, collectors pieces, many of which are handmade.
With designs from Scarlett Johansson and Kate Moss they are real collectors pieces.
Oriental ceramics, 18th and 19th century clocks, and many collectors pieces priced under pounds 300.
Collections and collectors pieces of zoological, botanical, mineralogical, anatomical, historical, archaeological, palaeontological, ethnographic or numismatic interest
The 18 collectors pieces include a photograph of Michael signed Michael Jackson 1998, a Jackson family photograph signed by the music legend's relatives and a signed Thriller album.
The attractive and almost cuddly ceramic line of snow people in their wintry setting are perfect for Christmas displays in the home and have caught the hearts of consumers who have turned "Snowkins" into collectors pieces.