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Synonyms for collectivisation

the organization of a nation or economy on the basis of collectivism

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Evaluated by Stalin's own brutal standard, collectivisation was a success.
Once the chaos associated with collectivisation of agriculture had abated, the centre tried to rein in some of the local chiefs, especially where they were implicated in large-scale corruption and criminality.
Widely reviled as a dictator responsible for millions of deaths in political purges, labour camps and forced agricultural collectivisation, Stalin is held up as a hero by supporters who say the Soviet Union would not have defeated Nazi Germany or industrialized without him.
After the "socialist spring"; collectivisation and economic transformation in the GDR.
Farmers in Russia, the world's fifth largest grain grower, harvested their biggest wheat crop last year after investing in the revival of a sector crippled by the legacy of collectivisation and a decade of post-Soviet neglect.
Then, following the seminal work of Lin (1990) on agricultural collectivisation and performance in China, economists intensified research effort on the causation of the collapse in production as well as the concurrent famine.
During her trek, she met numerous hospitable and fiercely independent nomads who have somehow survived Communism and collectivisation, and continue to offer traditional hospitality to courageous foreigners such as Burges Watson.
Pour ce faire, les changements postcommunistes sont analyses dans une perspective historique qui distingue trois periodes allant de 1940 jusqu'a 2005 (l'avant, le pendant et l'apres collectivisation).
Agricultural collectivisation provoked an outrage in Romania.
One such saint was the thirteen-year-old Communist, Pavlik Morozov, who was murdered after he reported his own father to the police for trying to evade the collectivisation of agriculture.
Family-farm based production maintained a significant role in Estonia throughout the 20th century in spite of the fact that Soviet annexation and forced collectivisation led to the termination of private property in the 1940s.
At the time of these visits, people all over the Ukraine were dying by the million of starvation due to Stalin's manic collectivisation drive (one of these was Socialist George Bernard Shaw, who saw no signs of such things).
He then put the Soviet Union on a course of crash "collectivisation" which saw peasants' smallholdings turned into massive, state-controlled farms in which an estimated 25 million farmers were forced to work.
For example, in the third chapter, Frings analyzes the efforts to promote collectivisation from 1984 to 1987, ending with an examination of new measures implemented in 1987.
Until very recently examples of German poster propaganda in occupied Russia had been locked away, out of sight and out of mind, if only to sustain the heroic myth that there was no collaboration with the enemy, no seething resentment among the Soviet peasantry over collectivisation, no desertion to the German side to take up arms against the Soviet regime.