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Pillars of the ministry, experts in all manners and customs bureaucratic, well-warmed and clothed at the State's expense, growing rich by reason of their few wants, these lackeys saw completely through the government officials, collectively and individually.
Wherever men live collectively this likeness is obvious; in regiments, in law-courts, you will find the elements of the school on a smaller or larger scale.
Though many of the whales, as has been said, were in violent motion, yet it is to be observed that as a whole the herd neither advanced nor retreated, but collectively remained in one place.
But I cannot call that situation nothing which has the charge of all that is of the first importance to mankind, individually or collectively considered, temporally and eternally, which has the guardianship of religion and morals, and consequently of the manners which result from their influence.
He was undoubtedly an officer, and he was decorated after the manner of the Russians with little enamelled crosses, and he could talk, and(though this has nothing to do with his merits) he had been given up as a hopeless task, or cask, by the Black Tyrone, who individually and collectively, with hot whiskey and honey, mulled brandy, and mixed spirits of every kind, had striven in all hospitality to make him drunk.
The bank, along with its operating affiliates, National Leasing Group, Canadian Western Trust, Canadian Western Financial, Adroit Investment Management, and McLean & Partners Wealth Management, collectively offer a diversified range of financial services across Canada and are collectively known as the CWB Group.
According to Newsmax, Damon said that Snowden's revelations about the secret surveillance programmes are incredible and shocking adding that if citizens are going to trade their civil liberties for their security, then that should be a decision that they collectively make and shouldn't be made by anyone else.
In the first aid tape/bandage/ gauze/cotton category, for example, private label brands collectively account for nearly 39% of dollar sales in the category, according to SymphonyIRI Group Inc.'s ranking of sales in supermarkets, drug stores and discount stores (excluding those operated by Walmart) for the 12 weeks ended September 4.
BRITISH banks could collectively face losses of up to pounds 70bn on loans they made on commercial property, it was claimed.
In 2003-04 people in the UK owned 256,609 properties in foreign countries, collectively worth pounds 23bn, up from just pounds 11.1bn four years earlier, according to the Office for National Statistics.
In the Mar del Plata Declaration, the group pledged to work collectively to educate pediatricians about environmental health; conduct more research on sanitation, deforestation, water quality, and mercury and lead poisoning; bring these problems to the attention of national governments and international agencies; monitor the quality of children's environmental health; and develop programs to educate community members about creating healthful environments for children.
The European markets -- including the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, and Spain -- collectively account for $706 million and round out California's top four ag export customers.
Feinberg's partner, Rob Morel, continued "Collectively, we've done more than 100 lease, purchase and economic development package deals since the recession ended in 1992.
In these cases, the courts objected to the method, since the tax assessments were based on estimated unreported tips of employees collectively and there were no attempts to determine the actual tip income of individual employees.
The Neo-Concrete manifesto (collectively signed by, among others, Lygia Clark, Lygia Pape, and Amilcar de Castro, but presumably written by the poet and critic Ferreira Gullar) embraced Merleau-Ponty's view of perception as a function of the desiring body - and effectively broke with the then-dominant Concrete tradition (a variation of Constructivism closely related to the experiments of Max Bill and his Superior School of Form).