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a farm operated collectively

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"People were simply given land and told: do what you want, and in spite of all their poverty, production has increased by 100 million tons of grain in only four years." The lesson, he concluded, was that peasants simply need to be freed from the grip of collective farm management.
Individual farmers were taxed until they entered the collective, and collective farms were allowed to seize individual farmers' seed grain, used to plant the next year's harvest.
North Korea's escape from hunger and solving the problem of the shortage of grains will depend on the reform of the collective farm system.
On the collective farm, Lena is cursed and persecuted as a Jew: "It's a diaster: even in the Soviet Union, anti-Semitism holds sway, twenty-six years after the October Revolution!
A Palestinian militant kills at least 5 people in Kibbutz Metzer, a collective farm in northern Israel near the West Bank border.
On the morning of 25 February, the Gridino peasants looted the home of the collective farm chairman Kosyrev whom they had already demanded be put on trial for his part in the excesses.
Like Castorp, the identical twins who feature in Rosa Loy's paintings inhabit a separate, hallucinatory world: a maybe utopian, maybe dystopian testing ground that is part spa, part sanatorium, part laboratory, part collective farm. It's also a distinctly antiquated place.
When the World Health Organization announces in 1980 that smallpox has been eradicated from the plant, the Kremlin recognizes a military opportunity: "A world no longer protected from smallpox was a world newly vulnerable to the disease" When a colleague begs to drop out of "The System" and return to his collective farm, the KGB reports with satisfaction that he went home and "accidentally" drowned.
Despite land grabs by the Spanish crown and the colonial Catholic church, despite its prohibition by the mid-nineteenth Century Mexican Republic, this tenure tradition survives in most indigenous communities as the ejido comunal or, in rough English, the "communal collective farm."
But after the death of Stalin and the reversal of the agricultural management policies of his period, the collective farm became relatively successful both as an economic and as a social institution in Eastern Europe.
The incident occurred on the night of 14/15 March, when Nurmukhammed Shamshiyev, a 29-year-old resident of the village of Kulundu stayed at the 22nd collective farm located in Jabbar Rasulov district of Tajikistan.
The 60-year-old former collective farm manager and minor Communist functionary has already served three terms as president of the war-scarred, mountainous Central Asian nation of nearly 8 million for almost 20 years.
I TRAVEL extensively in Eastern and Central Europe and have been doing so since I first worked on a collective farm in Hungary in 1969.
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