collective bargaining

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negotiation between an employer and trade union

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Collective bargaining is likely to deliver transaction cost savings for growers and processors and improve growers input into contractual arrangements, ACCC Deputy Chair Dr Michael Schaper said.
Low wages and related industrial unrest threaten to derail Chinese economic development, but effective collective bargaining stands out as a potential mechanism for improving these problems.
United said that it and the AFA begin negotiations for a joint collective bargaining agreement for all AFA-represented flight attendants on August 27.
Today, the same collective bargaining rights that Dr.
Collective bargaining is the bedrock of union well-being," Moe notes, so to constrain collective bargaining is to weaken union power.
Instead the end game of collective bargaining policy should be universality, made evident when all firms large enough to have standardised conditions of work negotiate those terms with independent employee representatives rather than imposing them unilaterally.
Indiana: Limits the collective bargaining rights of teachers.
Collective bargaining has existed for decades, not because it padded the wallets of the public employee, but because it was a means to equitable resolutions that satisfy our communities' needs.
extension of the United States District Court's oversight of this collective bargaining relationship via extension of the Stipulation and Settlement Agreement in White v.
At this time, however, there is no indication that the House will attempt to attach the mandatory collective bargaining bill to the supplemental appropriations bill, even though its passage remains a priority of House and Senate leaders.
The scope of collective bargaining expanded in many countries.
1) Most participants in collective bargaining relationships and commentators on labour issues had assumed that the Court had articulated its basic approach to the associational rights protected in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the labour trilogy of the 1980s.
Canadian Collective Bargaining Law (1) seeks to bring the law of collective bargaining up-to-date.
Providers claim they have not got enough funding to do what is required of them, including collective bargaining.
Question: We are a manufacturing company and are in the process of renegotiating our collective bargaining agreement with the union that represents our employees.
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