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Synonyms for collective

Synonyms for collective

members of a cooperative enterprise

done by or characteristic of individuals acting together


Related Words

forming a whole or aggregate

set up on the principle of collectivism or ownership and production by the workers involved usually under the supervision of a government

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We're sitting on a treasure trove of social media engagement data, which can now be used to predict the performance of influencer campaigns in a way that's simply never been done before," said Bill Sussman, CEO of Collective Bias.
The support of existing investors and the arrival of Eurazeo have reinforced our desire to speed up the implementation of out international development plan saysSebastien Fabre, founder and CEO of Vestiaire Collective .
This limited collective boycott conduct will assist the CNA to avoid wasting resources on unproductive collective negotiations, Dr Walker said.
Ukraine is not a member state of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, and the use of Collective Rapid Reaction Force in its territory is impossible under the current Agreement on Collective Rapid Reaction Force signed on 14 June 2009.
When the national government acts, it can overcome the states' collective inability to organize and install their own solutions to pressing policy concerns.
Tech Collective is Rhode Island's Bioscience and Information Technology Industry Association.
NEW YORK -- A significant majority of Americans now access media using multiple devices each day with TV, PC, tablet and smartphone devices each dominating media usage at different parts of the day, according to Collective, a leading data-driven, multi-screen platform company.
Wolverine, Blum Capital and Golden Gate have formed an acquisition company that is acquiring Collective Brands.
So using a collective where you are able to obtain a good spread across tens or indeed hundreds of companies helps minimise risk because when an investor invests in a collective, they are effectively buying a stake in a wide range of shares.
Collective bargaining is the process in which the terms and conditions of employment are determined jointly by the employer and workers.
Union Collective Agreements deliver higher pay increases and better working conditions
It is, however, only in the final section of The Grammar of Criminal Law, volume 1, that Fletcher discusses collective guilt and the alleged collective nature of the crimes within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC).
Some are trying to undermine collective bargaining by passing on the increases to non-union members before collective bargaining has started," she said.
Four decades after collective bargaining came to public education, school boards and the superintendents they hire still routinely blame teacher unions for causing massive inefficiencies, stifling innovation, and preventing changes designed to promote student learning.
When the kids at Youth Speak Collective decided to dedicate themselves to building Proyecto Kawazoe, a Japanese Garden at Richie Valens Park in Pacoima, they had no idea they were resurrecting a bit of history.
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