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Synonyms for collective

Synonyms for collective

members of a cooperative enterprise

done by or characteristic of individuals acting together


Related Words

forming a whole or aggregate

set up on the principle of collectivism or ownership and production by the workers involved usually under the supervision of a government

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Can I join MNA if my facility or place of work does not have a collective bargaining agreement?
D'autres deputes ont vivement critique l'article de loi qui donne aux gouverneurs le pouvoir absolu en matiere de gestion des terres collectives.
This condition concerning member obligation, I argue, is necessary for collective obligation.
The Collective Rapid Reaction Force, in accordance with the Agreement, fulfills the following tasks: deployment on the territory of any member state to demonstrate readiness to use military force; participation in preventing and repelling armed attacks; participation in activities to combat international terrorism, illicit trafficking of drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors, weapons and ammunition, and other forms of transnational organized crime; participation in implementation of protection measures from dangers arising from military operations; elimination of emergency situation; provision of humanitarian aid, etc.
It should be no surprise then that legal scholars increasingly lean upon a social science and economic literature concerning collective action to explain and justify the jurisprudence of federalism--i.
Tech Collective is Rhode Island's Bioscience and Information Technology Industry Association.
We believe that social shopper marketing is the evolution of shopper media, and supplants tired traditional media like FSI's, retail circulars and digital display advertising," John Andrews, co-founder and CEO of Collective Bias, said in a statement.
Using a customized fund-of-funds approach with collective trusts also can give a plan access to managers it might not otherwise have, says Mary Beth Glotzbach, Morningstar senior vice president.
Collective Brands operates three strategic units: Payless ShoeSource, Collective Brands Performance + Lifestyle Group and Collective Licensing International.
The TMS and the collective mind are two types of team cognition that can help explain teamwork dynamics.
Community and Collective Rights: A Theoretical Framework for Rights Held by Groups, By Dwight Newman, Hart Publishing, 2011.
The number of companies and securities invested through a collective should be greater than an average investor could achieve, cost effectively, through a portfolio invested directly in stocks and shares.
As a preliminary step, Okasha discusses the sort of collective that can count as a level in the hierarchy.
Collective bargaining is a means of joint regulation by employers and workers' organisations.
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