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Synonyms for collective

Synonyms for collective

members of a cooperative enterprise

done by or characteristic of individuals acting together


Related Words

forming a whole or aggregate

set up on the principle of collectivism or ownership and production by the workers involved usually under the supervision of a government

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The new collective agreement will be valid from September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2023.
However, NJ Advance Media LCC will receive a fixed license payment and all future revenues generated in the partnership will be split between the parties balanced in favour of Better Collective.
Combined with Better Collective's current business, the total (annualised) revenue from the US market is expected to exceed USD 10m in 2019.
Andreana filed the collective action complaint on Nov.
When explaining its decision, the District Court stated that "plaintiffs' alternative investment argument is not a generalized grievance that the plan lacked collective trusts and separate accounts: It is based on allegations that [the] defendants breached their fiduciary duties by selecting particular mutual funds over specific lower-cost, but otherwise materially indistinguishable, alternatives."
If imposing collective arbitration on Waterstone violated that waiver, we must instruct the district court to vacate the award, which would put Herrington back at square one.
Collective 2.0 builds on the huge success of the fast-selling phase with a more prime address.
Although both individual and interpersonal differences significantly affect collective action dynamics, the dimension involving individual personalities and experiences has received little research attention (Montambeault & Goirand, 2016).
The customers received letters showing how much they could save by moving to an E.On collective switch tariff negotiated by the price comparison service Energyhelpline.
Representatives of these organisations say lack of space in urban residences is also one of the major reasons for people opting for collective sacrifices.
Minister Semiha Borovac told FENA they are giving a clear message in Tuzla today, firstly to residents of collective centers, that the state is fully committed to implementation of projects of closing of collective centers in BiH.
Priority enjoyed by the national law on collective bargaining in labour legislation is fully consistent with international rules.
Do my dues payments automatically stop when I change from a collective bargaining position to a non-collective bargaining position?
Collective (USA-based cannabis activist writer's collective) released Dissolving The Stigma Against Nature's Oldest & Safest Medicine: a manifesto, which aims to correct public opinion and encourage greater appreciation & respect towards the healing herb known as cannabis.
Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights, 3rd Edition
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