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Synonyms for collectable

things considered to be worth collecting (not necessarily valuable or antique)

subject to or requiring payment especially as specified

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The concept of cover art and design, physical size, packaging and collectability had disappeared.
The CO-OP is in line to get $16 million from the PPACA risk corridors program, a PPACA program that is supposed to use cash from PPACA public exchange plan issuers that did well in 2014 to help carriers that did poorly, but the collectability of that accounts receivable is uncertain, according to the petition.
To preserve collectability, issuers frequently limit the number of cards released.
The live criteria for a contract, according to Strauss, are as follows: 1) it is a substantive agreement, 2) each party's rights are identifiable, 3) the payment terms are identifiable, 4) the parties to the contract plan to enforce their rights, and 5) collectability is probable.
Revenue recognized at delivery or date of sale occurs when the realization principle is met, meaning the goods or services have been delivered or provided to the customer and either cash is received or an account receivable with reasonable assurance of collectability is recorded.
The programme is aimed at preserving the value and collectability of each Veyron through a comprehensive inspection, technical updates and an extended warranty and will also cover Bugatti's 'Flying Doctor' service, in which master technicians travel to the customer to provide maintenance work or repairs.
Operating lease revenue was lower in the second quarter and first six months of 2013 compared to the same periods a year ago primarily as a result of lower portfolio utilization and reduced revenue for assets for which the company does not record revenue in advance of cash receipt as a result of substantial uncertainty of collectability.
com To complete your Horrible experience are the new Horrible Histories toys range from Worlds Apart that combines collectability and strategic game play with intricate scoring.
Some have argued that the "doubtful collectability exception"--a common law rule that allows debt holders to arrest interest accruals when the issuer is unlikely to make scheduled payments on a debt--acts as a broad-gauge exception to the statutory market discount rules.
Services on offer include outsourced credit control, debt recovery, debt verification as well as audit and collectability reviews.
Rarity or age do not always equate to value and I'm afraid this item, though scarce, doesn't easily fall into a popular area of collectability.
Assuming 50% collectability, the availability of fresh dung comes to be 233.
Because of their usefulness, as well as their collectability, rummers generally sell well, the early 19th century ones for around pounds 30-pounds 50 each, the rarer 18th century examples for pounds 60-pounds 90.
It is one of five Beatles albums in the top 10 of releases which are prized primarily for the collectability of their sleeves.
It provides efficient real-time processing of scoring requests whether they are needed for loan granting decisions or debt collectability prediction.