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Synonyms for collectable

things considered to be worth collecting (not necessarily valuable or antique)

subject to or requiring payment especially as specified

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In "Collecting Muscle Car Model Kits" world-leading authority Tim Boyd takes his readers through the entire era of muscle car kits, covering the options, collectability, variety availability, and value of these wonderful kits today.
Like the artist's larger outdoor pieces, the generally smaller wall works provoke questions of cherishability and collectability: Are these artworks to keep and treasure?
"In particular, the first discs that were produced in 1921 had to be handed in once they had expired in exchange for a new one so, there are very few of these in circulation, which increases their collectability," Rachel explained.
* collectability is reasonably assured (the uncollectible risk is estimable); and
Production figures, option codes, running changes, model-year changes and variances, rarity, collectability, interviews with engineers, and more are thoroughly covered.
He said: "Its story, mileage, collectability add an appeal factor that makes people smile and think of a fondness for this car design and era."
"Most artists' posters in this exhibition can be bought for anywhere between PS500 and PS2,000 depending on their rarity, condition and collectability. However, we do have one special poster signed by Picasso himself which will be for sale at over PS10,000," she adds.
A This sounds like an early edition which, in terms of collectability, will increase the value.
"Collectability, swapability and being able to compare what you have with other kids and an element of having bragging rights are important too.
Texting technology has improved the collectability of accounts, and that's mainly a matter of the improved means of communication.
The banks' reserve allowances are based on the collectability of loans.
The fascinating artwork of the cover, the lyric sheet, the colourful label and of course the music all added to their collectability.
Always pushing forward-fashion, couture collections are seen by lovers of the art as an investment -- the price tags and the collectability certainly warrant the sentiment.
The draft would require insurers to show how much cash they have actually gotten from or paid into the risk corridors program; how much they think they should be getting from or paying into the program; and any risk corridors program amounts they have kept out of their financial reports because of collectability concerns or other concerns.
There's also no doubt that Golf anniversary models tend to have quite a following, something that does resale value and collectability no harm.