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a telephone call that the receiving party is asked to pay for

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Etisalat Collect Call service can be used when it is simply preferable for the receiver to pay for the call.
The Collect Call Service has been designed so that callers can make direct voice contact with Etisalat customers anywhere in UAE when they need it most, without being charged for the call, said an Etisalat statement.
While in jail, Ahmed made a collect call to his family and spoke with his 4-year-old son.
In any event, the situation could be worse; in Texas an inmate is allowed to make one collect call every ninety days, so long as the inmate has refrained from violating any prison rules.
COLLECT CALL: King Henry VIII School pupil Jack Keating, who is aged 13, with just a few of the 60 bags donated for the appeal by his fellow pupils.
representative would not return SJR phone calls, even when this reporter offered, via voicemail, to pick up the tab for a collect call.
Most inmates only make collect phone calls, and these calls cost four to five times the price of a collect call on the outside.
Osaka lawyer Tetsuya Kimura, one of those defending Kenji Hayashi, accused of an insurance fraud in Wakayama, accepted a collect call at his office from an unknown man at the end of last year only to find himself the butt of a tirade against lawyers and against protecting the accused.
"I had no money so I made to make a collect call on the satellite phone.
Word spotting permits an ASR system to recognize the key word collect even if it is embedded in extraneous speech, such as in "collect call please," or "I'd like to make a collect call, please."
Apliman Collect Call is one of the most practical call completion solutions that allow an out-of-credit user to request from another user, whether prepaid or post-paid, to pay for the call.
The time frame for calls ranges from a single, five-minute call once per week in Arizona to one collect call per month in Montana and Rhode Island, one call every 90 days in Texas, and 15 minutes per day in Nebraska.
"You have a collect call from Willie Horton at the Maryland State Correctional Institution."
They are planning to cap it with a nine-metre high gold crown, restoring it to its original height and, if the believers are right, allowing it to regain ancient powers and collect call some aliens.