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Synonyms for colleague

Synonyms for colleague

one that is very similar to another in rank or position

one who is united in a relationship with another

Synonyms for colleague

an associate that one works with

a person who is member of one's class or profession

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Upon the reading of this letter, I made sure my colleague was insane; but till that was proved beyond the possibility of doubt, I felt bound to do as he requested.
"I am sorry to contradict my famous friend and colleague," said the Owl, "but as far as I'm concerned, I think that when the dead weep, it means they do not want to die."
Smith and his colleague exchanged glances, and the latter drew his chief on one side.
The Parisian director approached his English colleague, and looked at him with grave and anxious scrutiny.
The first notary handed over each note, as he examined it, to his colleague.
Night came; the laborers were dismissed; Benjamin and his two colleagues worked on by lamplight.
Either his colleague's intellect was in a failing state--or his colleague had some purpose in view which had not openly asserted itself yet.
"My brave, colleagues, too long already a paralyzing peace has plunged the members of the Gun Club in deplorable inactivity.
Today I sat before my colleagues like a bear's cub or a plucked sparrow, so that I fairly burned with shame.
Fouquet took leave of his colleagues upon the stairs, saying: -- "Messieurs!
Stepan Arkadyevitch moved quickly, as ever, to his place, shook hands with his colleagues, and sat down.
He soon found, however, that matters had gone too far, and the minds of his colleagues had become too firmly bent upon the measure, to render any opposition of avail.
He reproaches his former colleagues with being sterile and shows them that their sterility is the result of their not believing in anything.
Names came up in our talk, names of our colleagues in the same employ, and, naturally enough, I asked after P-.
If thou have colleagues, respect them, and rather call them, when they look not for it, than exclude them , when they have reason to look to be called.