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The current rules on collateralization need to be changed.
In general, banks placed undue reliance on the collateralization of current mark-to-market exposures and underestimated the potential exposure that could arise under difficult market conditions.
Many state and local governments - either individually or through state collateralization programs - require banks to pledge collateral against public deposits in excess of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) limit of $100,000.
In rejecting several of the trust's arguments for nontaxation of the excess interest, the court held that --the excess interest did not merely represent additional exempt interest on the old CDs; the pension fund was obligated to abide by the consequences of the transactional form it chose, and the court was unwilling to recharacterize the collateralization of old CDs as the acquisition of old and new ones; and --the transaction was not a payment with respect to a security loan as defined in Sec.
If the principal amount of the loan is greater than 80 percent of such value, then the loan will not have excess collateralization.
Fitch has reviewed the executed CSA following the Collateralization Event.
He noted that the directive reflects the thinking of the European Commission that there is no role for collateralization within the European Union.
The elimination of collateralization requirements--under which, say, a German reinsurer would have to post collateral in France to cover risks underwritten in France--is seen by European legislators as a tool to pry U.
5% overcollateralization, plus amounts available in the collateralization fund.
Collateralization for the fronting company is required for two primary reasons: 1) to protect the fronting company from credit risk; and 2) to address the balance sheet impact of captive reinsurance on the primary insurer trader statutory accounting principles.
75% credit enhancement provided by class B-1F and future over- collateralization.
The credit support for the asset-backed certificates consists of over- collateralization and the reserve account.
5% of which are retail by principal balance, the high percentage of triple net credit leases, the use of an interest rate protection agreement on the floating-rate notes, and the cross- collateralization of all the mortgages securing the note.
CVD Financial Corporation agreed to the collateralization of the first drawdown of $3 million which will be used to finance the acquisition of Sundown Well Service Ltd.
The 'AAA' rating on the bonds is based on the underwriting standards employed by the NJEIT, significant loan pool diversification, high collateralization levels, and the overall credit quality of the drinking water state revolving fund (DWSRF) and the clean water state revolving fund (CWSRF) loan pools.