collateral damage

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(euphemism) inadvertent casualties and destruction inflicted on civilians in the course of military operations

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Meanwhile the Philippine National Police (PNP) has agreed with the stand of the CHR saying that cases of collateral damage during police operations must be probed.
The Commission on Human Rights said deaths categorized as "collateral damages" cannot simply be dismissed as there should always be a higher threshold in protecting the right to life.
NORTHERN Ireland will be "collateral damage" during the British Government's "collision course" with the EU, Martin McGuinness warned yesterday.
Summary: Aim is minimum collateral damage to the nearby areas and civilians
SURELY bombing innocent civilians - so-called collateral damage - is a recruiting sergeant for Isis.
Vice Presdient, Prime Minster, Khaled Bahah visited Socotra island after it was hit by two tropical cyclones (Chapala, and Megh) which killed around 26 people, and caused collateral damage on Sunday.
And while tthe medical organization and several other international bodies have called for answers, on social media, the fear lingers that this attack will end up being filed away as more "collateral damage" in the war-torn country.
Back then we were a total collateral damage to the detriment of foreign geo-strategic games and goals, and now we are on the verge to witness another refugee crisis, even if we are just a short road of Syrians and Iraqi to pass, but 16 years ago democratic Europe was lecturing us about moral and now they build walls, so the whole territory of Macedonia becomes a refugee camp.
The Defense Ministry reiterated on Saturday that the coalition forces conducting military operations in Yemen are very much cautious about avoiding collateral damage and accused Houthis of targeting homes and civilians to maximize casualties with the intention of blaming them on airstrikes.
Reparation for Victims of Collateral Damage: A Normative and Theoretical Inquiry
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 19, 2014-Sainsbury's Home Insurance reveals 26% of Brits cause collateral damage to their home when getting ready to go out
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-December 19, 2014-Sainsbury's Home Insurance reveals 26% of Brits cause collateral damage to their home when getting ready to go out
All these deaths, injuries and ruined lives were not collateral damage, Mr Allen.
"Attacks can be directed at core infrastructure precisely to inflict such collateral damage. With this attack, some collateral damage may have been seen locally, all depending on where you connect to the internet and when you look."
Summary: Berlin: Next month's 63rd Berlin film festival will comb through the "collateral damage" of the ...
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