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Synonyms for collapsable

capable of collapsing or being collapsed


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We just wanted a place to perform Bend Your Mind Off a collaboration between Radiohole and Collapsable Giraffe that we had created in [artist] Scott Halvorsen Gillette's basement loft.
Because the BCB Sandbagger is collapsable and can be erected in seconds, it speeds up transportation, storage and filling in the "field" where the sandbags are needed.
He was spotted by Hancock struggling to unfold his collapsable bike in one of the executive boxes at the end of the Aston Villa v Manchester United clash last Saturday.
Is the cap or closure designed with out any "undercuts?" Undercuts in an injection-molded tool require slides or collapsable cores in the mold.
("Avant-vaudeville mixed with Richard Foreman" is how one friend described their style to me.) Earlier in the year they presented Fluke--an adaptation (of sorts) of Herman Melville's Moby-Dick--in their tiny Williamsburg garage of a space, dubbed the Collapsable Hole.
Every snack pastry and propane-fueled outdoor grill, every item of cutlery and collapsable ear muff, sports and leisure activity accouterment and size D-cell alkaline battery, every Calphalon Infused-Anodized Eight-Piece Cookware Set; everything at all was put within easy grasp thanks to The Great Industry of Transport.
The collapsable bottom part of the application contains the encoding options for video and audio as well as output parameters whose dropdown menu also doubles up as an entry form for video metadata.
Rapper Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, was allegedly discovered with a 21-inch collapsable baton in his hand luggage as he was trying to board a flight for New York at the John Wayne International Airport on 27 September.
So, by causing collapsable chaos on their own ball - where they are at their most vulnerable - the Irish not only negate any threat to themselves but also end up with a free play.
Collapsable Giraffe, a downtown New York company, recently began live Webcasts of rehearsals and may broadcast performances.