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relating to or consisting of collagen


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Li, Effect of combined ultrasonic and alkali pretreatment on enzymatic preparation of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitory peptides from native collagenous materials, Ultrason.
Histopathology with hamatoxylin and eosin staining showed an un-encapsulated pauci-cellular bland spindle cell lesion with abundant, haphazard to whorled hyalinized collagenous stroma (Figure-3).
The dedifferentiated component consists of myofibroblastic spindle cells with abundant finely granular, amphophilic, bipolar, and stellate cytoplasm; vesicular nuclei containing prominent nucleoli; and abundant extracellular collagenous stroma (C).
Spindie Ceiis having Elongated Nuclei, Paie Cytoplasm and Collagenous Stroma (40X)
"We were able to transform this side-effect into a viable treatment for enhancing the mechanical properties of collagenous tissues."
In 1996, it was renamed as collagenous fibroma, which seemed more appropriate to describe its histological features and reflect its benign prognosis.
Caption: FIGURE 5: Diffuse-type neurofibroma comprises tumor cells with round to fusiform nuclei in a fine fibrillary collagenous matrix.
Differences in T1W and T2W signal intensity may be attributable to variations in lipid and collagenous content in AMFB [8, 23, 28-31].
Areas with haphazard arrangement of nerve bundles within the collagenous stroma [Figure 6] were also noted.
At this year's FIE, GELITA is focusing on two smart technological solutions based on collagenous proteins.
Histologic examination showed a moderately cellular lesion composed of fascicles of bland spindle cells embedded in a variably collagenous stroma (figure 2, A).
"In nature, the soft collagenous core of the mussel's byssal threads is protected by a five-to-10 micrometer thick, hard coating, which is also extensible and thus, tough," Ahn relates.
The effect of maintained or repeated loading on the collagenous tissue during the time has an important role in the pathogenesis of musculoskeletal disorders (Sbenghe, 1981).
in 1986 as a benign breast disease characterized by a dense, collagenous proliferation of mammary stroma, forming inter-anastomosing capillary-like spaces lined by slender spindle cells (1).
The methods for extraction of collagen from broiler chicken feet waste consisted of the following steps: sample collection & preparation, removing non collagenous tissue, solubilizing collagen, centrifuging and precipitating collagen, concentration measurement and characterizations of collagen.