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relating to or consisting of collagen


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The gingival and alveolar mucosa surrounding the affected teeth may show foci of calcification and islands of odontogenic epithelium.30,74,75 It was found that the soft tissue calcification were associated with mesenchymal vimentin-positive cells and with odontogenic cytokeratin-positive epithelial remnants, as shown by the immunohistochemical investigations.30 Courson et al.16 examined the gingival tissues surrounding the affected teeth and found a decreased collagenic network and extremely fragmented collagen fibers.
The porosity of a collagenic matrix could be affected by the extraction parameters, such as solvent/enzyme type and pH, on one side, and by the processing parameters, such as freezing temperature during lyophilization, on the other side [32].
In this study, we examined the expression of collagenic components using in vivo and in vitro studies involved in the PR-mediated regulation of the TGF-[beta]1/Smad signaling pathway, and demonstrated the anti-fibrotic effect of PR and its underlying mechanism.
(3) It is assumed that, there are pathogenic collagenic mechanisms of diabetes that stimulate the more intense progression of periodontal disease.
In these experiments, the relative collagen production, measured as percentage collagen synthesis over total protein synthesis (collagenic plus noncollagenic proteins), was increased by about 1.3-fold.
Benign lymphangioendothelioma (acquired progressive lymphangioma), lymphatic channels appear to be dissecting through dense collagenic bundles.